It’s….A…. {Gender Reveal For Baby #2}

Okay, the moment you’ve all been waiting for is here! (You’ve all been waiting for this, right? The big reveal?) Yesterday, Julia and I flew into New Mexico and after grabbing some lunch, and dropping off our things at my parents’ house, we jumped back in the car and headed off to the gender reveal.

Before we got to the reveal we had to pick up the cake.

Oh, the cake! I used Bittersweets Bakery in Albuquerque, and worked with Kerry, the owner. We collaborated over the phone and email since I was in Georgia, to make sure the cake would be just right. Kerry was fantastic to work with, even from miles away, so I can only imagine how great she’d be in person. Anyway, I sent her photos from my gender reveal pinterest board for designs I liked and basically told her to go for it—pick a ruffle design and let me be surprised. Then, I called her back the day I found out the sex so she’d know what color to make the cake. I was nervous to pick it up (cake wrecks anyone?), but it looked perfect!

So we arrived at the restaurant and met up with the rest of my family. Originally, we were going to wait until the end of the meal to do the reveal—we were having cake after all, but I couldn’t wait that long. As soon as we all ordered, I decided it was time. I had everyone write down on their place mats in blue or red crayon if they thought I was having a boy or girl. And then it was finally cake-cutting time!!

(Just a reminder; I actually already knew the sex; my husband and I found out “together” last week during the anatomy scan. We used FaceTime and saw the big reveal at the same time. Then, I just kept it a secret from everyone until last night!)

Wanna know what we’re having??? Here’s a video of the big reveal:



You watched the video, right? Because, there’s a pretty big spoiler alert in the next paragraph!

Color me surprised! Practically everyone thought it would be a boy, so naturally, I started leaning that way, too! But a girl? Another girl?!! AHHHHH!!!! I’m SO. Stinking. EXCITED! 

Here are some close-ups of the cake, because I think it was perfect and just the way I wanted it to look. I mean, you can’t go wrong with the gorgeous ombre blend…especially when it’s pink!


So, there you have it! Baby number two is (hopefully, if the technician saw right) a GIRL! Now I’m off to go buy more bows, dresses, and all things pink 🙂


  1. The cake is so beautiful!


    (Unless the technician was wrong, which would be hilarious… My mom was supposed to be a boy, and they had to scramble to come up with a new name. Her legal name is Gayle Lee, but she goes by Lee. She has the traditionally "male" spelling of her name because she's named for a male family friend, and, like I said, she was supposed to be a boy).

  2. Congrats!!! I love the cake. It is beautiful. Great photos! Thanks for sharing the news! "Sugar and spice and everything nice"

  3. YAY for another girl! Seriously, too bad we don't live near each other cause our girls (all 4 of them!) would have great play dates:)

    That cake is gorgeous! Hope it tasted as good as it looks!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I love the videos that you do for everything! It's so neat, even though we don't know one another, to feel so included since I feel like I know you, haha! Sending your warm & happy thoughts for the rest of the pregnancy! Can't wait to see you preparing for another precious girl!

  5. CUTENESS on the cake!! I love the idea of a gender reveal cake. If we knew ANYONE close to us when we found out E was a girl I would have done one!

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