Pink or Blue? Boy or Girl? She or He?

My anatomy scan is one week from today—YAY!! I thought it would be fun for you to guess what you think I’m having. For the record, I don’t have any feelings this time. Last time I had Julia’s name picked out a several weeks before my scan and I prayed it was a girl so I wouldn’t have to pick a boy’s name; I was that set on her name. This time I’m mentally preparing for a boy, just in case.

I always thought it would be fun to stay “team green,” but I just don’t think I could refer to the baby as “It” for the whole nine yards months. It’s driving me crazy not being able to say “she” or “he.”

So here’s the deal: there won’t be a fun care package reveal this time
around, but it’ll still be just as exciting, because…baby! I have my scan next
Wednesday and hopefully timing and the internet will be on our side,
because the plan is to FaceTime with my husband during the ultrasound.
We’re hoping to find out together (cue excitement) and then keep it a
secret for five whole days until I get home and share it with the
family…and then you guys!

So here’s a little compilation of different gender predictor myths and my answers for them, then, you can place your bet to the left on the sidebar (so if you’re reading this on a reader or on your phone, come on over to the site—you can leave a comment, too. Comments are always lovely).

Source: from Etsy.


(faster than 140 bpm = girl; slower than 140 bpm = boy): 160s: GIRL

Chinese calendar 

(based on mother’s age and month of conception): GIRL

Morning sickness 

(very sick = girl; not so sick = boy): BOY


(breakouts = girl; clear skin = boy): GIRL

Leg hair growth 

(no more than usual = girl; lots of growth = boy): GIRL


(sweet = girl; salty = boy): BOY


(hot = girl; cold = boy): BOY

Breast growth 

(lots of growth = girl; not much = boy) they hurt a lot, does that count? : BOY

Mayan calendar 

(if mother’s age at conception and year of conception are
both even/odd = girl; if one is even and one is odd = boy): BOY

Ring test 

(ring swings back and forth = boy; ring swings in a circle = girl): GIRL

Girl = 5

Boy = 5

So there ya go! Sorry it isn’t exactly helpful since the tally came out exactly even. Whoops! Maybe that means there are actually twins in there. HA! Kidding. (Seriously…let’s all pray that I’m kidding.)


  1. I voted boy! I actually have no idea–none of us do, obviously–but I personally want one of each, so I'm forcing you to fulfill my wishes.

    Also, I can't wait to throw a gender reveal party and then confuse everyone with my color scheme. I mean, pink is my favorite color, so it will obviously be incorporated into any future baby's life (boy OR girl, but more for a girl), but I also just really want to mess with people! I'm thinking either an entirely black and white party or a yellow/green/purple party. Then cutting into the cake will SURPRISE be funfetti with all the colors, and we'll just announce verbally boy/girl.

    I've spent waaaaay too much time thinking about this considering I don't want kids anytime soon.

  2. This is so fun! These things also give me a pretty even mix! My pregnancy has been identical to my first (a boy) so far, so we shall see!! 🙂

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