Random Thoughts from the First Trimester

Not being able to tweet and share random thoughts with the world during my first trimester was tough. I was afraid that anytime I’d mention a craving or needing to sleep (or pee for that matter), someone would be on to me. So instead of tweeting, I kept mum and opened up a word doc where I wrote out all of feelings and my would-be tweets.

Like any good blogger, I copied and pasted them over here so you can
see the random thoughts that flowed through this pregnant woman’s mind.

(3 weeks, 6 days)

Okay. Okay, okay, okay, okay. Okay. Whew! Okay? Okay. Oh my god. Okay. Okay! (I’m pregnant!

(5 weeks, 9 days)

“Morning sickness” my ass. It’s 8:30 pm and it’s taking every single ounce of energy to keep my eyes open and write this. I felt fine up until last night—night—when “morning sickness” kicked in. Thanks, baby, for making me puke twice last night…something I never did with your sister.

(5 weeks, 10 days)

On the bright side, I’m home in NM right now, so my mom is watching Julia while I take care of very important first-trimester things…like take naps. 

(6 weeks, 2 days)

I saw the baby today, although it just looked like a grain of crooked rice (or a “blob” as the doctor so kindly put it). It has a strong heartbeat, which was the most beautiful sound to hear. Also, my due date got pushed back by two weeks, so basically I’m going to be stuck in the first trimester forever.

(6 weeks, 4 days)

I’m horrible at keeping secrets. I’m pretty sure I’m telling everyone I meet about this baby (like the lady in line in front of me at the grocery store)…except for the people I really want to tell (like family and friends…and twitter).

(7 weeks, 1 day)

I already caved and bought a body pillow. While I was there I picked up a bag of salt and vinegar chips; they practically called my name from several aisles over. I’ve been in a very tangy/sour mood lately. Other than that, I have to eat whatever sounds good at that exact moment. The only thing I’m staying away from is, sadly, avocado. I can’t tell you how sad this makes me, but the very thought of them makes me feel like throwing up. (gag) 

(7 weeks, 2 days)

Ugh…I’ve felt sick and tired (literally) all day. The only thing
that I want to eat: salt and vinegar chips. I mean, seriously, I just
want to eat and eat and eat them. I hate not knowing what I want to
dinner (or lunch for that matter). Kenny made some burritos yesterday
and we froze them, so I can grab one of those in the morning. Lunch and
dinners are up in the air, though. Actually, you know what I want for
dinner? A bag of salt and vinegar chips, that’s what.

(7 weeks, 4 days) 

I just finished my bag of salt and vinegar chips. AAAHHH CUE PANIC!!! THE CHIPS ARE GONE. NEED MORE CHIPS. 

(7weeks, 6 days)

I’m convinced the inventor of the bagel was by a woman in her first trimester.

(9 weeks, 3 days)

Found out Kenny is deploying in 48 hours. Forty-eight-freaking-hours. So that just happened. Excuse me while I go cry a bucket of tears.

(9 weeks, 5 days)

Well, he’s gone. Now it’s time to figure out our new normal. And find cake. And maybe pizza.

(9 weeks, 6 days)

Today I ate: blueberry pie for breakfast, half a bag of flamin’ hot cheetos (that I went to the store specifically to buy), little caesar’s pizza, two chicken salad sandwiches, about a dozen sliced pickles, and chick-fil-a (including a cookies and cream milkshake). The scale says I’ve only put on 2 pounds in five weeks, but I look like I’m 15 weeks pregnant. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

(10 weeks)

Finished the bag of Cheetos, so now I’m all out, which makes me sad. Also, I’m skipping a much-needed nap right now, because I scheduled ADT to come install our security alarm mumbo-jumbo during naptime. Fail.

(10 weeks, 1 day)

Note to self: never leave the house without peeing first.

(10 weeks, 2 days)

Holla! I just had a burst of energy, so I swept the house! This is HUGE since dog hair’s been piling up. I should knit a sweater with all the extra energy (and dog hair) I now have.

The worst thing about being pregnant with a sleeping baby and a deployed husband is that there’s nobody around to get me things…like a taco from Taco Bell.

(11 weeks)

I had a horrible night’s sleep. Just kept tossing and turning, practically wide awake. I’m nervous and anxious for my appointment on Monday. Here’s hoping Julia’s kind to me today and will take two naps so I can nap!

(11 weeks, 1 day)

Caught the end of SATC 2 and now I’m crying, because I miss my friends. Also, I want ice cream and time to blog again…or at least time to write a complete sentence. Crap. They showed cake at the very end. Now I want cake, but I have no cake.

(11 weeks, 2 days)

The appointment went great (well, kinda). One and only highlight: the midwife found the baby’s heartbeat immediately (170s). On the downside: I didn’t have a single warm fuzzy from my entire visit. In fact, I almost left in tears (and then proceeded to cry in the car). I think I’m going to switch practices. I don’t want to dread going to appointments for such a happy time in my life.

(11 weeks, 3 days)

I woke up and realized that I need to advocate for myself and my baby. If I’m not feeling comfortable then I need to do something about it. I found a new place much further away, but I literally let out a sigh of relief when I walked in their front door. I just felt right being there.

(11 weeks 5 days)

And just like that, I have a new OB and new midwives to see. I’m actually excited for my first appointment with them. 

(12 weeks, 2 days)

 Ah, the secret is finally out

My constant, all-day nausea thankfully subsided when I was around 11 weeks, thank God, because solo-parenting a toddler while pregnant in the first trimester was brutal. Last go-around I felt better around 14 weeks, so I’m extremely thankful this time brought relief a lot faster.

Also, I’ve been to several appointments at my new practice and I’m so, so, so thankful I followed my gut and switched. I just just didn’t click at the old place, and from the moment I’d pull up in their parking lot, I just never felt comfortable. At this new place, though, I arrive and leave feeling excited. 

So there you have it, some honest insight into the mind of a pregnant woman during her first trimester, which basically revolved around food and sleep—or lack thereof.


  1. "I don't know who I am anymore" — I literally laughed out loud. With my son, I LIVED on dill pickles, sweet tea, dr pepper and the occasional salad. And chips. Lots of chips. It changed randomly which ones, but I could always eat crunchy, salty things.

  2. OMG…. GIVE ME THE HOT CHEETOS!!!! Definitely stopping on my way to work tomorrow for some 😉 I'm so glad you found a doctor/practice where you are happier and more comfortable. I totally get it. It's my first pregnancy, and I liked my doctor enough, but didn't LOVE him. And each time I went, I just felt a little more uncomfortable/uneasy/feeling like something was missing. Well, I got a call last week, that my doctor was mysteriously "not practicing in the clinic anymore" (I think he moved to just teaching at the university). I was pissed and annoyed at first… mostly bc it's just inconvenient to find a new OB at 25 weeks, but I'm hoping it happened for a reason and that I will find a much better fit, like you did. Wish me luck as I get recommendations and beg an OB to take me as a new patient (I've already had one turn me down bc I'm "too far along."

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