Talking Date: Round Six

+ First things first: I’m a realist. No, not really. I’m actually a dreamer and highly emotional, but I wanted to say “first things first.” Also, I’m at Starbucks right now (hence the photo above), and I got the Salted Caramel Mocha, because I thought that’s what I was addicted to last year. Nope. One sip and bleh. I should probably take it back and see if they can make me something else. I checked my good ol’ search feature on this good ol’ blog and discovered it was the Salted Caramel Brulee Latte that I was so in love with last year. Please, oh please, tell me they’re bringing that back this year.

+ I’ve had an itch to cut my hair for several months now. It was just at that stage where it was long and stringy, without much oomph to it. You know what I mean. I remember it being full and awesome last time I was pregnant, but this time around it was just blah. Until last week. It’s like my hormones magically (or, finally, rather) kicked in and said, “Okay hair, be pretty now.” And now it is. It’s got that full and lush shine to it (as long as I keep up with showers), and I love it. But this presents a problem, because I really wanted a haircut. Actually, I wanted the perks that come with a haircut: a nice scalp massage, some good-smelling shampoo and conditioner, someone else doing something for me, and an hour away from the baby. So now I’m torn. Do I get a haircut now, even though I’m digging my mane or wait until I pop this baby out?

+ We are now the proud owners of—wait for it—35 pounds of Hatch green chile! It’s all peeled, bagged, and frozen in our extra freezer in the garage. I’m one happy transplanted New Mexican right now. I was at the knock-off version of Whole Foods a few weeks ago and stumbled on some green chile (same place where we got it from last time, actually). Besides wanting to do a happy dance, I asked the produce guy about it, and he said that he roasts them right there at the store and he’d be happy to roast some for me. That’s when I started crying and offered him a hug (damn hormones). See, I’m going back home in a few weeks, and was fretting about the logistics of bringing a sack of chile home with me. (Since I’m flying solo again, and this time with a bigger suitcase and a carsea t—because I’m splurging and Julia’s getting her own seat this time—I had no idea how I could literally manage to haul one more thing back with me). Anyway, long story not short: He roasted 35 pounds of chile and now we’re stocked for at least a year, but possibly two. Happy, happy times!! Want to know how to roast your own green chile? Here’s a post for ya.

+ This baby of mine (the one in my belly) is moving around and I love it so much. I’m still anxiously awaiting a kick that I can feel on the outside, though. My anatomy scan is in nine days! I should probably write a post with all my stats so you guys can guess. My inkling right now says…..I have no idea. I’m actually not sure at all!

+ Speaking of baby news: PRINCESS KATE IS PREGNANT AGAIN! Seriously excited. I have a total girl crush on her and I still think she’s just fabulous. Although, I read that her horrible morning sickness is back. Poor thing. I also read that this baby bumps Prince Harry’s chances of being king even further down the line. Poor cute Harry.

+ Shoot, dang! I just realized today is Julia’s half birthday (because you get to count those half birthdays when your little)! She’s 18 months old today, CRAZY! I have plans to give y’all an update on her, so I’ll try to do that after her doctor’s appointment tomorrow so I can include all of her stats. 

+ I’m gearing up for another blog conference next week! I’m heading back to the Type-A Con in Atlanta, and I’m really excited. Hopefully I’ll make some new blog friends and pick up a lot of good information while I’m there. Julia will be at their “kid-con” all day (and at night, too), which is very exciting for this mama!

+ My goal when I’m home (and have both sets of grandparents to watch Julia) is to finish her baby book and my maternity book from last time. I have to finish it by the time this one is born. It’s almost done, I just need a few uninterrupted hours to just finish it already. I feel bad for this baby and any other babies that follow. I was too over-zealous with everything during my first pregnancy. Sorry fellow offspring for being lazy now.

+ The weather here is deceiving me lately. (You didn’t think I could go a whole talking date without talking about the weather, did you?) The actual temperature is dropping into the 80s, but the humidity is kicked up a notch and is in the 90s. The deceiving part is that it’s been cloudy and rainy lately, making it look like fall is on its way. But then you go outside and it’s worse than it felt in August, because it’s freaking sauna outside. Sigh. 

So that’s what’s happening over in my neck of the woods. 
Now it’s your turn! Let’s chat in the comments!


  1. I am so excited about the Royal Fetus.

    Also excited about yours.

    Although all of this talk about morning sickness requiring hospitalization has me terrified. Is that really like that? Or are they taking extra precautions because that's a monarch?

    So confused.

    Also, Ray Rice. What the heck?!

    1. the first thing I did this morning after hearing about the baby was check that twitter feed—that fetus needs to start talking already! Mine just says "FEED ME." I think her condition only happens to a small percentage of women—thank god I just had horrible nausea…not fun, but more manageable than puking all day!

      I'm scared for his now wife…she needs to get out STAT!

  2. Why don't you just splurge on a deep conditioning and style? You'll get all the niceness of having your scalp massaged and your hair washed and a fabulous style without sacrificing any length.

    I need to schedule a trim and deep conditioning before my twin brother's wedding (less than four weeks away!). But I'm waiting to cut off a lot of length until next spring, when I don't need my hair to keep my head warm and when I have enough to donate to Locks of Love (for the first time ever).

    1. That's not a bad idea; I can't even remember the last time I got it cut in a salon, so I really just want some pampering! If I don't cut it this time around I'm definitely on track to donate it it to locks of love. I did that waaaaaay back when and loved that my hair could go to a good cause.

  3. I always get a haircut soon after baby is born as a sweet treat to myself. Mine's actually booked for tomorrow, though baby is coming with me, because hubby has class. But I agree with Brita – you could just get it styled… orrrr… just get a trim? 😉

  4. Whenever I'm pregnant, I always chop my hair off. I just can't handle all the body my hormones give to it.

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