Want, Need, MUST Have {september}

Every month I ask my sponsors what they’re crushing on at that particular moment and every month they send me their one must-have item (usually) well ahead of the deadline I give them. Then, in typical Jessica fashion, I write this post the day it’s going live (or the night before if I’m feeling really ambitious) and I freak out, because I don’t know what the heck I want! Every. Single. Month. Well, except for this month, because I know exactly what I want. Curious what it is? Read on to find out. And while you’re at it, my sponsors listed some pretty snazzy things that look perfect for upcoming Christmas wish lists! 

1. Mrs. B from World Traveling Military Family

“I really must have the Fujifilm XP70 16 MP Digital Camera
so that when we go on all our crazy adventures, like walking through
mud and rivers in Barefoot parks, mud runs, and more, I don’t have to
worry about dropping our camera in the mud or water. This is small
enough to fit in my back pocket, but strong enough to withstand our
exciting adventures.” 

2. Laurie from Origami Owl

“For me, September
means two things, my birthday and, more importantly, the New Mexico State Fair. I would give anything for a green chile corn
dog right now! I’m such a fanatic that
on free admission days, I would drop my husband off at the gate and have him
snag the green chile corn dogs, while I circled the fairgrounds.”  

3. Jen from BeeBee Belly

“We have hard wood floors, three cats, and two toddlers, and sweeping every
single day just isn’t cutting it anymore. Our old Dyson handheld isn’t
working as well anymore and this one is pink!”

4. Kayleigh from The Way I Wanderlust

{Editor’s note: Kayleigh is off fulfilling traipsing around England right now, so while she told me what she absolutely must have this month, she didn’t have time to mention why she wanted this particular item. So, I’m going to say what I’m pretty sure she’s thinking.} “The weather is chilly over here in Europe and it’s making me think about fall, so, like everyone else (except for the writer of this awesome blog), I need to get my hands around a cup of Pumpkin Spice Latte STAT!”

5. Me.

What must I have right this very minute? Fall. I’m over this heat. Over the humidity. Over the fact that I’m sweating the second I step foot out of my house or car. Totally over all of it. To top it off, it’s been raining here lately, which gives the impression that things are cooling off. Nope, not so. It just turns everything into a sauna. Have you ever been inside a sauna while wearing clothes and carrying a toddler? It’s not fun. Bring on the chilly days and cold nights, the colorful leaves, warm fall-like drinks (caramel apple spice, I’m looking at you), and let me wear jeans, scarves, cardigans, and hats.

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