21, 22, and 23 Weeks {Bumpdates}

Picture taken in the Buy Buy Baby parking lot. I couldn’t resist!
Left to right: my mom’s feet, my sister-in-law’s feet, and my bump and feet after a wonderful pedicure.
Taken in front of my hand print from 1997. Crazy. Also, my hair is getting long.

Dear Little PJ,

I was starting to get discouraged, because I wasn’t feeling you move as much as your sister. But then, the other night I propped myself up in bed and started poking my belly. It was blissfully quiet with no iPhones, TV, laptops, or noisy sisters around us. And there, I waited. And waited, and waited. And finally, you moved. I saw my tummy do that familiar blump, and I saw you—your little knee or foot, or arm, or possibly even your head—move. You moved all around for about 15 minutes and it was the most delightful sight and feeling I’ve experienced in a long time. I feel you move throughout the day, but that other night was our time together. I’m going to try to make more time just for us, since I know our days are filled with noise and older sisters literally crawling on top of you. I’ve been worried about how I’ll handle two children, but I think the keyword is balance, and I need to remember that.

You must’ve had a growth spurt recently, because my bump already looks and feels much bigger (or I just really did eat too many enchiladas when I was home, which is a definite possibility), and I can tell that my stance and walk are starting to change. People are constantly asking me how I’m feeling and the answer is fine. Some days I sort of forget I’m pregnant (except for when the bump gets in the way, of course, or when I can’t eat the salami that’s in my fridge taunting me), but other than that, things are going well, and I’m extremely thankful.

Your papa should be home soon. I’m excited for you to hear his voice, and hopefully you and I will have some more one-on-one time then since he can wrangle your sister and play with her a little more. Well, little bug, you just keep on cooking in there. I can’t wait to meet you, but we still have several months to go!

Love you!


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