Citrus Lane {September box}

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I had every intention of posting this last month when my Citrus Lane box arrived, but the tracking date fooled me. First it was supposed to arrive a day before I left for my trip (perfect timing, I thought) then it said it would arrive the day I planned to leave (still doable), but then the last time I checked, it was due to arrive the day after I left. And that, my friends, is why I’m reviewing September’s box here in October.

Luckily for you, I opened it up as soon as I got home and at the bottom of the box was a little card with a code to give a friend a free box! Well, one of you will be that friend and get that box—but the giveaway only lasts today, because the code expires on the 15th. But first, read the rest of the post 🙂

I’ve been getting (or I should say, “Julia’s been getting“) a box a month since March. To be completely honest, I wasn’t sure if I liked them or not. Per recommendations from several friends, I inputted Julia’s birthday to make her a couple months older—the reason for this is so she’ll get things she’ll end up using for longer. That often means she doesn’t use things right away, but I’ve found that I actually really end up liking 90% of what comes in the box…it just may take us a couple months before we utilize them.

Starting this month (which is actually last month), I’m going to start showing you what’s inside each box, because how will you know if you want to join in, if you don’t know you’re getting? This is what we got for a 21-month-old girl:

  1. Snack bag from Bumkins (4.95). It’s a reusable snack bag that’s an eco-friendly alternative to a good ol’ baggie. It’s made from an easy-to-wipe, waterproof fabric, so you can throw them in the washer (woohoo). (It’s decorated with pink Mickey Mouse ears, so I like that it’ll entice Julia.)
  2. Write Your Own Labels from Emily Press ($9.99). Waterproof, long-lasting, and dishwasher safe labels good for water bottles, food containers, sippy cups, and more. Now you don’t have to worry about mixing up cups at playgroups! (I can’t wait to start using these. At mom’s morning out they usually just write a “J” on the bottom of her cup, but I’d love to start labeling her things.)
  3. Links 3D Foam Bath Pieces from Boon ($9.99 on amazon). If your child is growing tired of playing with the same bath toys, this unique toy will provide hours of new entertainment. The pieces fit together to create five different sea animals—great for practicing problem solving and improving fine motor skills. (I’m really excited for these, because Julia loves animals, fish, and bath time. This is an example of something that may not work right away with her—because of having to put the pieces together to create an actual fish—but I know she’ll “get it” over time.)
  4. Long-sleeved Graphic Tea from Tea Collection ($26.50). Each fabric is inspired by a designer’s travels around the world. Bold graphics and incredibly soft 100% cotton jersey fabric is woven into every thread of the Tea Collection line. (So, sometimes Citrus Lane will let you pick between two or three different options as far as designs go, so I wish they did that with this shirt. It’s not that I don’t like it, but I would’ve liked to see what else was out there. I’ve heard of the Tea brand before, but their stuff is a little out of our price range, so I’d never buy it for myself her, so getting it in a box is awesome. It’s a size 2, though, so I’ll have to store it away for quite awhile.)

Retail-wise, this was a great box, and I think I’ll actually use everything in it. All of the products added up to around $50, but I only paid $24 (I should really switch to a 6-month so I can get even more bang for my buck).

Did you read this far? If you did, then you’re possibly in for a treat—Citrus Lane is giving away a free box, but you have to act super fast since this giveaway is only happening for 24 hours.

Want to sign up for your own Citrus Lane subscription box? Click the link and I believe you’ll get 50% off your first month (code: SAVEHALF) and free shipping. SCORE! Plus, if you sign up you’ll get tons of extra entries!


  1. I have always wanted to try one of these subscription boxes and you have provided the perfect opportunity- thank you! 🙂

    1. Kinda, in the sense that you get a box each month. (I've never done Stitch Fix, so I'm not sure about their details, but you don't get a credit on future purchases. You pay one price per box—or the monthly subscription—and that's all you pay). This was the first time she got an item of clothing, usually it's just stuff.

    1. I will say that every box usually exceeds the price I paid (retail-wise), so the value is pretty good. It's just a matter of if you'll actually use and utilize the things you get.

  2. I've never heard of this particular one. But what few I have heard of I thought they were overpriced :/ maybe I'll check this out.

  3. I've never done a subscription box, and money is beyond tight right now with my hubby in school and the GI bill not paying much 🙁 but I've always been curious about them.

  4. I love subscription boxes, but they are just expensive overall for not knowing what you will get. The one I have tried made me pay the full price for all 6 months up front too, I would rather be charged each month.

  5. I've actually never done a subscription box before, but have really been wanting to try one. This one would be perfect!

  6. I love the Tea Collection clothes for my girls, but I agree they are expensive. The trick is to watch for their sales. A few months ago, I happened on their website when all of their sale stuff was an additional 40%.

    –Nurse Bee

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