If/Then, or Why All of Jess’s Readers Should Follow My Blog {Guest Post}

Today you’re in for a treat, because the lovely Brita (pronounced bree-tuh) from Belle Brita is taking over my blog with a fun post for you today. She recently got married, which was a total and happy surprise for her readers, and she shares insights into her life on an almost-daily basis. She’s been one of my daily reads for months (years?) so I hope you’ll check her out, too! (And after you read this, don’t forget to sign up for the Scarf Swap!)


Bonjour, y’all! I’m Brita, and I write at the fairly new blog Belle Brita. IF you’re reading this, THEN you probably already love Jessica Lynn Writes as much as I do. Depending on why you love her blog, I think you’ll love mine too.


If you like reading about Jess’s travels in Europe and in the States, then you should check out my travel adventures in France and in the States. I worked in France during my first two years out of school, and I’m slowly recounting my awesome stories on my blog. While I now live in Ohio, my husband and I enjoy traveling within the US, with tentative plans to take a trip to France in the near future. Most recently we took a pretty awesome trip to Colorado and Utah, road-tripping from Denver to Salt Lake City and back.

Skinny, Nerdy Husbands

If you like stories (and pictures!) of Jess’s skinny, nerdy husband, then you should find out more about my skinny, nerdy husband. Kenny is pretty adorable, but I’m partial to Dan, the man I married a little over six months ago. He’s a civil engineer who wooed me on OKCupid with his impeccable grammar and a joke about punctuation. He’s obviously not the only nerd in our relationship. His proposal might have included a Harry Potter book

Cute Baby Pictures

If you think Julia Grace is the cutest baby in the blogosphere, then you will definitely love…

Okay, I don’t have a baby. I don’t even have cute pets. I’m allergic to anything with fur. Will reflections on my wedding and newlywed life entice you? Maybe? I wore a really pretty dress!

Enthusiasm for Life

If you love everything about Jessica Lynn Writes because Jess inserts her bubbly personality into it all, then I hope you’ll give Belle Brita a chance too. While I can’t help but blog about politics, my faith, and feminism, I do it all with great enthusiasm. My tendency to jump up and down while clapping whenever I get excited spills over onto my blog. I don’t understand the point of having a blog and not being genuine. Part of being me is using lots of exclamation points!!!!

So hopefully I just sold you on MY blog. If you have blog, then I want to know why I should read it. Leave me a comment with YOUR blog!


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