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It’s Balloon Fiesta Time! {Albuquerque Aloft}

I wasn’t planning on writing today, but if I don’t share this right now, there’s a good chance I’ll never do it. And in an effort to stop hoarding pictures on my phone/computer and stories in my mind, here I am.

It’s Balloon Fiesta time in Albuquerque, New Mexico, also known as: my absolute favorite time of the year. It was actually a blessing in disguise when I realized my husband’s deployment would coincide with the week-long balloon party that happens in my hometown. I booked my tickets home as soon as he had those orders in hand, and I’ve been anxiously awaiting this week to get here.

It just so happens that the morning before the Balloon Fiesta starts, they have balloons lift off from the elementary schools around town. The event is called Albuquerque Aloft, and since my old elementary school is a mere minutes away from my house, I knew we had to be there. Julia loves balloons—well, at least she loves seeing them on TV, in books, drawings, etc., so I was really hoping she’d love seeing them in real life. It’s such an exciting sight to see!

So this morning, we bundled up and headed out to school. We got there just in time to see the two balloons start to inflate. I was literally bouncing with joy, and thankfully, Julia loved seeing the balloons; I was afraid they’d scare her since it can be pretty loud and intense when the fire ignites. Luckily, she kept saying “wow” and “balloon,” over and over again. She even said, “up balloon,” when it lifted away, and then, “bye bye balloon,” once it started leaving the area.

Tomorrow my mom and I are taking her to the actual Balloon Fiesta for the mass ascension where more than—wait for it—500 balloons will ascend into the air. Basically, Julia and I may pee our pants!

Since I didn’t bring my big ol’ fancy camera, I’ll be over sharing pictures and videos on Instagram, so I highly suggest you follow me over there for more pictures of balloons in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and my adorable daughter, because seeing this through her eyes is simply amazing.

I’ll also be back next week sharing a recap from this weekend. You guys, more than 500 balloons will go up, I seriously can’t wait!

I hope you have an awesome weekend! 


  1. My hometown used to have a much smaller version of this every May — and its such an amazing sight to see the balloons take off. Have you ever flown in them? Its a ride like no other! You honestly feel like you are floating! I loved it!

  2. My husband and I are dying to go to this event sometime! He actually proposed to me in a hot air balloon over Albuquerque three years ago – but in the summer, not during the balloon fiesta! It looks SO cool, though. Your pictures are great! 🙂

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