Make New Friends {October}

Is there anything cuter than babies holding hands together? Nope. Just in case you’re wondering, that’s pretty much the cutest thing ever. Julia and her cousins hung out for three weeks straight and by the end of our trip, they would get SO excited to see each other that they’d practically bounce out of their car seats and squeal with delight. Once we’d let them loose, they’d run to each other, give hugs, and hold hands. I melted into a big ol’ puddle of hormones every time that happened. 
Don’t you wish we could do that as adults? Find a new friend and be that ecstatic about them? Well, here’s your chance. Check out four of my friends—read their sites, friend them on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, and…you know…make new friends!

Belle Brita

Brita (pronounced bree-tuh) is no stranger to this blog, but you may remember her under a different blog name (Finding My Virginity). Well, this past year she got married (check out six things she learned during the first six months of marriage) and started a new blog to reflect her new life! She had me at her tagline: “A southern belle trying to make her way back to Paris.” Aren’t we all, Brita, aren’t we all… Dreams of France aside, Brita does her best to weave the three most important things in her life into her blog: faith, feminism, and freedom. But don’t worry, she breaks up the tough topics with fun, introspective pieces, like how to love an ugly apartment!

Kayleigh, the traveler behind The Way I Wanderlust, spends her days not only dreaming about what places to cross off her bucket list next, but actually crossing them off. She’s a traveler in every sense of the word, and one quick look at her Wednesday feature will turn you into a wanderlust as well. Besides marking cities and countries off her list, she also a goal of accomplishing 30 things before she turns 30—a fun challenge that she’s trucking through. She also just moved and her blog got a makeover!

I love Callie’s blog. She writes from the heart in a lighthearted, and totally convicting way. I may have a soft spot for her since she’s a fellow Air Force wife (and talks about one of my favorite topics: moving to dreamy locations), but I especially love that she writes about her family (she has an adorable two-year-old boy) in a realistic and approachable way. Callie’s also spreading awareness about the “teal pumpkin“—have you heard of it? Check it out and spread the word!


website // facebook // twitter

It’s a little ridiculous how excited I am about this company and all the awesome products they sell. I’m a sucker for handmade goods, and that giddiness is amplified when you can personalize items, too. A marine vet and his wife are the duo behind Five1Designs—she designs and he burns the designs into the wood. They have everything from military-inspired items (I’m digging these love letter boxes), frames, K-cup holders, and the coolest—Scrabble letters! Y’all, the holidays are right around the corner (less than two months out), so if you’re looking for an awesome gift, check them out!

In preparation for the new baby, I’m going to take a wee step back from the way I’ve been running my sponsorships. They’re still available, but I changed a few things to accommodate what I think I’ll be able to handle. Once the baby’s here (still have a few months to go), I want to focus on her and our family, and not be worried about whether or not I forgot to write a post on a specific day. I’ve truly enjoyed getting to know everyone I’ve worked with and I hope it continues, just in a slightly different format. Oh, and how about we kick the new ads off with a little discount? I’m not sure when the next one will be, so take advantage of this31% off all ads with the promo code: ROCKTOBER

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  1. Second cutest thing is the hugs, seriously. Love when little kids hug each other and hold hands 🙂 LOVE it. And man, I wish I could afford to take advantage of the promo code… but stupid money. Can't even have my occasional starbucks right now… 🙁 Booooo!

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