Scarf Swap 14 {Partners Revealed}

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here…I’m announcing your Scarf Swap partners below! You’ll also get an email sometime today with the same information, but I wanted to post here first, just in case it takes me longer than I think it will to send out those emails. (And it probably will, just FYI!)

I hope everything’s correct below, since I mostly just copied and pasted the info you gave me, but if something is wrong, just let me know! I also noticed that there were quite a few private Instagram accounts (which was a no-no for signing up). If you’re one of them and don’t plan on making it public for this, let me know and I’ll take your Instagram handle off so it won’t confuse people! 
I also separated it into a few different categories (mostly to help me when I was organizing partners), so you can see who’s doing what (bloggers, instagram, and those shipping to APO addresses). Everyone was put together at random, so I hope you end up liking your partner!


Scarf Swap Partners:

Rachel (Blog Legally @rachelbrenke) —- Joy (Quilty JoyJoy @quiltyjoyjoy)
Melissa (Two Miracles @brenam22) — Cat (Raising Monkey, Loving Sarge @raisingmonkey
Acacia (Hello Lovely @acaciaduh) —- Beth (Life with Bethie the Boo @bethietheboo)
Katie (Going Coastal @kplume1028) —- Kristina (Kristina Grum @KristinaGrum)
Ines (Discovering Ines @johnsonines) —– Laura (The Muddled Mom @Lauranthornhill
Sierra (The Tervo Times @sierratervo) —- Lizzy (Minnesota Night @minnesotanight)

Sarah (Year of Sarah @yearofsarah) —- Rheanna (Cammo Style Love @rhechristine)
Maranda (Jolts and Jollies @mannadonn) —- Sue (As it Seems @lovefromsue)
Malia (Just Wandering @malialilinoe) —- Heather (Traveling Navy Wife @travelingnavywife)
Mallory (My Camo Painted Canvas) —– Ashleigh (When Three Becomes Two @itsashroberts)
Elisabeth (The Elisabeth Chronicles) —- Natalia (My Wild Things: Adventures in Raising Boys)
Jessica L (Jessica Lynn Writes @jesstagirl —- Kim (She is Fierce @reccewife)

Shipping to APO addresses:
Jessica (Bleudress Jes @bleudressjes) – Mrs. B (World Traveling AF Wife @worldtravelingafwife)
Jenna (Shallow Roots Living @jennab124) – Megan (History & Hockey Sticks @thefamilysaunders)
Misty (Thoughts to Hold) —- Courtney @cadelethompson
Abby @crabbyayab90 —- Sarah @clearbluewater33
Carolyn @sassyfrass75 —- Cassie @themes.taylor
Karen @bykarenj —– Lindsey @ligoree
Alison @mrsalisond —- Cece @dillpicklepicnic

So there you go! Now it’s time for you to get out there and “meet” your partner (and other new friends, too)! Find out what they like or don’t like, their style, colors they love (or colors they don’t need more of), what type of scarf they’d love to get, set a price limit, decide if you’re sending along anything else, etc.

Oh, and look! Here’s a handy little visual reminder with all the upcoming dates! Write them down so you don’t forget 🙂 You can also see a more detailed version here.

Additional notes:

  • Scarves must be new (purchased and/or made specifically for your
    partner). There’s no set price range, so use your best judgement
    or set one with your partner. (All you have to send is a scarf, but last year some went a bit further and sent an extra little gift—like matching nail polish. Talk to your partner about what your limits!)
  • Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and my Facebook page! I’ll post reminders about all of the deadlines, and other fun things here and there about the swap.
  • Out shopping and see a good deal somewhere, or just want to chat about the swap? Use the hashtag #ScarfSwap14 so everyone can see what you’re saying.

Any questions? Shoot me an email or leave a comment and I’ll get back to ya!

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