24, 25, 26 Weeks {bumpdates}

I feel like I just did one of these posts, but that was three weeks ago already! Time is just moving right along, per usual. Oh, and hey! My face even made an appearance in one of the bumpdates this time around. I’m sort of in love with the angle, because I don’t look nearly as big as I already am.

Dear little PJ,
We’re days away from the third trimester—woohoo! This week you’ve apparently opened your eyes, which makes me wonder what color eyes you’ll have. Your sister’s eyes finally settled on brown, but they kept changing until she was about a year old. You’re also starting to fight for attention around here—my belly is taking over, and it’s starting to annoy Julia, because her usually spot on my lap is quickly losing space. You just keep on growing, though, little one; this won’t be the first time you’ll fight for my attention!

I feel you move around A LOT, but you’re alllllllll over the place. I don’t necessarily feel you on the outside unless I’m completely still and really focusing on seeing my belly move. Otherwise, you hang out super, super low and it feels really strange when you wiggle around. Things are pretty mellow with your kicks right now, but I have a feeling they’re going to pick up in the coming weeks. Hopefully your Papa will be home soon and you’ll kick his hand, because I know he’s anxious to feel you. 

The hot topic on my mind lately is your name—I have no idea what we’re supposed to call you once you’re born! Hopefully something wonderful will come to mind soon. Your Papa is full of ideas, though; I just need to get on board with at least one of them. If there’s a name you like, feel free to let me know!

Despite coming down with a cold, I’m feeling pretty good. People keep asking me how I’m feeling, which confuses me at first, then I realize they’re asking because I’m pregnant. Bending over is getting pretty darn uncomfortable, and I’m really over wearing anything other than leggings or yoga pants, but overall I’m feeling fine. 

Until next time, little one! 
Love, love, love you!
Your Mama

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