Minted Holiday Card Favorites {+ Giveaway}

You guys, I’m notorious for procrastinating when it comes to sending out holiday cards. Early in our marriage we started sending them around New Years, which wasn’t horrible, but then the timeline got pushed back even more…to Valentine’s Day one year, and then another year it was closer to St. Patrick’s Day before people received them…for our holiday cards (at least they’re all holidays). I figured our family and friends didn’t really mind since snail mail (that isn’t junk or bills) is fun to get no matter the time of year.

Needless to say, but my goal this year is to get our cards out by New Years. That’s the goal, people; hopefully I can stick to it and actually make it happen.

Thankfully, Minted contacted me to see if I could share their latest holiday card collection with you guys. Seeing as how I’m trying to turn over a new leaf and get myself organized this year, I figured it’d be great to start the holiday card hunt sooner rather than later! They’re even giving one of you a little something as well (keep on reading to find out about the giveaway)!

Over the weekend I did some digging around and I’m here to share my favorite New Year’s cards from Minted. They had close to 400 cards in their “New Year’s” category, so I narrowed it down to my favorite half dozen—which was much harder than it sounds.

Here’s the thing about Minted cards that has me totally drooling over them: You can change so much about the design! There are different shapes, colors, and even sayings you can pick from. So even though I’m featuring “New Years” below, they can all be easily switched to a holiday or Christmas version. Pretty darn cool if you ask me!

These are my six favorites (and if you’re friends or family, pretend you’re seeing our card for the first time whenever I get around to sending them out): 

I’m a sucker for the “happy” font. (Chic Holidays)
Digging the font and the fact that we could use three photos (Happy Kisses)

The font and simplicity got me again for this card, although you can bet your bottom dollar our photo won’t include us wearing white at a beach…to each their own! (Frosted Watercolor)

Loving the water color and the option for three photos. (Watercolor Warm Wishes)

Pretty wedding photos aside, I like this one. It’d be cute if we could get pictures of us hugging and kissing, and then a family shot. (Clean Merry Wishes)

Like the card’s name, I like that this is just simple and classic. A nice family photo wishing everyone a happy new year. Keeping things classy. (Classic Holiday)

I definitely have a few top favorites from the bunch, but I need to wait and see what our family photos look like before I take the plunge and order them.

Did you see any cards up there that tickled your fancy? If you did, you’re in luck: Minted is wants to give one of you $50 to spend on their site! I love it when companies are generous to my readers, so thank you, Minted! Want to enter? Follow the Rafflecopter prompts below!

Tell me about your holiday card plans in the comments! Do you send them out on time? Do you buy them or make them? Do you add photos and a quick blurb about your family over the past year? I’d love to hear all about your holiday card traditions! 

Minted compensated me for writing this post, but all opinions are my own!


  1. I love receiving Holiday Cards. I wish more people would send them out. Prior to having my son I always sent out generic cards I would buy at the store…but now like every other mother……the cards now have my son on the front of them!!!!!

  2. This will be the first time in years that we are sending out Christmas cards. We are planning to use them to announce the gender of our baby due in March! My goal is to get them out the week of Thanksgiving so I won't have to keep the secret any longer than necessary!

  3. I'm shooting a family session today and plan on dragging my husband and my tripod along so we can snap a few photos for Christmas cards. I want to be really ahead of the game and order my cards before Thanksgiving so pick me, okay?

  4. We have never sent out a card before but plan to this year since we are finally married!!!! So excited! A friend will be taking some pictures for us soon, and we hope to use one of those! We want to send them out to arrive BEFORE Christmas. 🙂

  5. I was really hoping for some snow for our last Christmas in Germany, but I don't think we'll have a snowfall in time to send our cards. 🙁

  6. I try and get mine out in early December and I usually do a picture of my husband and I with our dog. Last year were my favorite though… homecoming pictures! They went out later than normal since he came home the first week in December.

  7. We love ordering our cards from Minted… I'm hoping to get them out earlier this year though! We just do a traditional photo card of our family. – Courtney Krug

  8. I needed a new idea for holiday cards this year. Thanks for the inspiration. And at least now I know I'm not the only one that may not get them out until after the first of the year!!! ~ Lynn Hughes

  9. I usually forget to send them and end up giving them out when I see people. I like to write a personal message about how much the person means to me.

  10. This year I'd like to do what a friend of mine does, send postcards. Less postage makes it easier for me to send out 50 cards. Hopefully I'll get them out in time

  11. I LOVE Christmas Cards! I really wish more people sent them out. I usually choose one of the postcard options with a family photo. Minted has the best designs.

  12. Last year, I had a bunch of cards printed up but we don't have that big of a "to" list so this year, we're doing individual cards.

  13. I'm not on top of things enough to get them out every year but try for every other year. This is a year for me to send them out and I'm planning on combining them with Punkin's birth announcements:)

  14. I try to send them out on time, but sometimes they become a New Year's Card. I normally buy them with a little photo of the kids and our names.

  15. I usually try to get them all created, ordered and sent out in time for Christmas. Unfortunately last year I had them all prepared… but completely forgot to mail them out until a few days after Christmas. Total fail! I used to make a complete brochure with photos and letters and all that. Now I order them online with a picture or two and a quick write up about our year.

  16. Yes, I send out our Christmas photo cards early, because I know our family likes to receive them! It's also nice to receive cards early, so you can display and enjoy them! I enjoy the whole process of picking out holiday stamps, listening to Christmas music while I address them, making a trip to the post office. It's fun! Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. I do both — I make the photo cards for extended family/friends and I homemade cards for family members (esp the ones I'd exchange gifts with).

  18. I am due with baby #1 right before Christmas, so I am hoping to get a Christmas card out BEFORE baby arrives using one of our maternity photos!

  19. I always send out a photo card to family and friends. I don't usually put any other info but I always try to find a nice location. Last year we had pictures done at Forsyth Park in Savannah.

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