27, 28, 29, and 30 Weeks {bumpdates}

Am I really posting four weeks worth of bumpdates in one post? How in the world did I post these once a week last time???? 

I’m blown away that I’m in the home stretch of this pregnancy. Blown. Away. Granted, if this baby’s anything like her sister, I have a smidgen more than 10 weeks to go, which is fine by me*. Cook, baby, cook! (*And by “fine” I mean that I know it’s best for the little one, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be a happy-go-lucky pregnant lady in the coming weeks. Growing an itty-bitty human while keeping another little human alive and somewhat thriving is hard and takes toll on your body.)

Now, onto the bumpdates!

Dear PJ,
First thing’s first: happy third trimester to us! We’ve been in it for a few weeks now, but it’s still exciting, because it means we’re getting closer to meeting you. You know the drill, though: keep on cooking, little one! Also, I’m a wee bit shocked that we’re starting the weeks of single digits before your due date—holy cow!

The second your papa came home, you started flexing your muscles and really started moving and kicking. Before, your movements were pretty mellow and faint, but now you’re all over the place, and I absolutely love it. I can see my belly move and I can feel you twist and turn—it’s awesome! The only part that isn’t so great is that you love to hang out on my bladder; I swear you’re using it as a trampoline some days.

To be honest, I’m pretty sore lately. My body is apparently getting ready to deliver you, which means my hips and back hurt almost all the time. Your Papa is being simply amazing and helping me out by doing pretty much everything so I can just relax when I start hurting. Bending over is basically an Olympic sport at this point, and I’m hot all the time. Oh, the joys of the last few months! Your sister still loves to give you hugs and kisses, which is simply adorable. I can also tell when you’re having a growth spurt, because all I want to do is eat and sleep.
Keep on growing, little one! Love you,


  1. So sweet! I wanted to do weekly updates and pics with Baby G, but yeah, that didn't happen :p so color me impressed!

  2. These are all so cute! I'm not sure if 29 or 30 is my favorite.

    Also, no wonder you could do weekly ones last time… you didn't ALREADY have a little one on hand demanding your time and attention. If y'all decide to have a third, we might see monthly bump dates. 😉

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