For Her: A 30-Something’s Christmas Wish List {2014}

I shared Julia’s wish list earlier this week, and I explained the way our family is doing gifts this year (with the want, need, wear, read system), so now it’s time for what’s on my wish list! 



A new iPhone6. Do I need one of these new babies? Nope. Despite dropping my current iPhone in the ocean and having a few hiccups here and there, it’s still technically working fine and dandy. Technically. The camera on it lost its gusto a few hundred thousand pictures ago, though, and I have definite picture envy whenever I see someone taking photos with their new iPhone. It’d be swell to have a new one before the baby gets here. (iPhone 6 from Apple, starting at $199)


A FitBit. I’ve had my eye on this piece of technology for awhile now, and was going to get one before the deployment…but then I got knocked up instead. I’m adding it to this list, because I can’t think of anything else I truly need right now, but I’m actually going to buy it for myself after I have the baby. (So please, nobody actually get this for me!) Some husbands get their wives a “push present,” but I’ll be buying myself a push present, because, gosh darnit, I deserve it! And I’m super anxious to get back into shape. Now I just need to figure out which one I want and what color to get it in. (Fitbit, starting at $59)


This was a tricky category for me. I honestly don’t need anything else to wear. I’m set on maternity clothes, and besides probably needing some new nursing tanks (which I can pick up at Target whenever), my closet is well stocked. But I wanted something fun, something I could throw on and it would “dress up” my outfit a bit. I originally started looking for a fun necklace, and then I remembered that I’ll have a newborn, and then a teething baby attached to me all the time, so some pretty necklace on a dainty chain wouldn’t see the light of day. This necklace, though, could get a lot of use. (Zooey Silicone Teething Necklace by Mama & Little, $25) As an extra P.S. to this category, I do love the two Vintage Honey Shop necklaces I have, too; I get compliments every time I wear them, so more of those wouldn’t be a bad thing, either.


Someone posted an excerpt of this on Instagram one morning and I was intrigued. Then, I read the preview sections on Amazon and I knew I had to read it. I usually like reading books on my Kindle, but I think I’d actually prefer this as a real book so I could read it in the morning, at night, or while I’m in the tub so I could read it without fear of dropping it in the water. (Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe from Amazon; $13)

Also on my list as far as books go (in no particular order):


More ideas:

I realize four gift ideas isn’t much, especially since at least two of them probably aren’t going to happen, so just in case you know a woman in your life who’s in that 30-something age range (or someone who has a birthday coming up…ahem!), here are a few more things they may enjoy:

Butter LONDON Gilded Gears


Ooh la la! I’m loving these colors so much. Very pretty, and the brand is fabulous. I know nail appliques are all the rage right now, but I still dig painting my nails the old fashioned way. Butter LONDON “Gilded Gears,” $28
 I have tons of mugs in our cupboard already, but can one really have to many mugs? I think not. Awesome mug by Freeborboleta Designs, $18


Love, love, love this necklace. It’d be fabulous to have the initials of my two little ladies on there (you know, once we figure out the baby’s name). I definitely need to keep this pretty piece on my radar. Dainty Personalized Infinity Necklace by Nipponeki Jewelry, $36

Well, this would be fun! I love my little Apple Macbook Air, so why not accessorize it? Fun, fun, fun! Dream Macbook Decal from OhYeahDecal, $9.99

You can’t go wrong with gift cards! I tried to think outside the box a teeny bit for this one. I find myself on the ModCloth site all the time and I want so many things from there. I have yet to buy myself new glasses, but when I do (and I will buy some very, very soon), they’ll be coming from Warby Parker, because I love that company. And Starbucks is my guilty pleasure…’nuff said. 

Okay, tell me what I’m missing now—what’s on your wish list? Like I said, someone’s birthday is coming up, so I could use some more ideas…inquiring minds want to know!
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  1. I just got a Fitbit for my birthday and I really love it! I'm somewhat of a lazy exerciser, so it's nice to have something right at my fingertips that shows me exactly how active or inactive I have been that day!

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