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Julia’s Christmas Wish List {2014}

Have you heard about the “want, need, wear, read” gift-giving philosophy? It’s pretty simple, really. You buy the person something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read. Easy peasy, right?

Here’s the thing: Julia doesn’t need much. She has plenty of toys, drawers full of clothes (because I can’t stop buying all the cute outfits out there), and we honestly don’t have room for more stuff, especially since she doesn’t need it. The same goes for us. We truly have everything we need, and with Amazon Prime at our fingertips (and Target down the road), we can get whatever we want at a moments notice.

I’m not sure how closely we’re going to follow this “Want, Need, Wear, Read” idea, or for how long, but I figured it’d be a decent thing to start, especially now that the kid(s) are young.






A “busy book.” I saw a friend making one of these and it looked AWESOME. Then I saw how much time and energy went into making it and I completely threw the idea out the window. A book like this would be amazing to have in the car or to stick in my purse if she has to go along with me to a doctor’s appointment or something. I don’t sew, and I definitely don’t have the time right now to make one. I went to Etsy and found some awesome options there. Only, the price tag isn’t cheap, which is why this is definitely on the want list. (Quiet Busy Book by Quiet Time Designs on Etsy; starts at $59 for six pages)


This girl is growing up and she needs the undies to grow with her! We actually started potty training last week and it’s going surprisingly well…like really, really well (I typed that with one hand while I knocked on some wood). Potty training was sort of a spur of the moment decision, though, so I didn’t have a chance to buy some “fun” panties for her. The only ones at both the Target and Walmart in town have absolutely zero meaning to her, so I need to buy her some fun ones that will make her want to keep them dry. (Doc McStuffins Little Girl Underwear from Amazon; $10.99)


Every girl needs a special dress. That dress that you wear for special occasions (or when mom lets you get it out of the closet and off its hanger so you can play dress up). This is that dress. It’s sparkly, and girly, and, as Miss Julia would say, it’s “prit-tea.” Yes, yes it is. And it’ll be perfect for a certain someone’s second birthday that’s coming up much, much too quickly. (The “Libby” Dress from Autumn and April; $48)


I LOVED personalized books when I was younger, so I hope this will be something that can grow with her. Plus, with a new baby on the way, it’d be nice to give her a reminder about how special
she is. “On the Night You Were Born.” I’m excited to get this and read it to her. (On the Night You Were Born from Put Me in the Story, $29)

More Ideas

Just in case you’re looking for a few more ideas for a little girl around two years old, here are some more things I thought about adding for her (and with a birthday coming up, I think some of these may make their way into our house sooner or later):


  • Aquarium/zoo annual pass

Do you have a little two-year-old girl in your life? What’s on her Christmas list this year? Or better yet, what are you planning on actually getting her?

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  1. We do the Want, Need, Wear, Read gift idea as well! It really curbs the out of control gift giving. I'm thinking that if I want to make a busy book, I'm going to have to start now so it might be finished by the time I actually need it!

  2. I want to do the Want, Need, Wear, Read… but someone also added in "Share" that I liked. Share is either a gift that siblings share or a gift for the family (like a family game, etc).

    1. That sounds nice, but will be better when they're older, I think. I'm hoping we can keep this up in the years to come, so I'll have to keep "share" in mind!

  3. We do Want, Need, Wear, Read as well! Last year it was a play kitchen as the want. I love getting to buy her clothes since I rarely do–she wears a lot of hand-me-downs and stuff my MIL buys for her. Her book last year was the Jolly Christmas Postman, but we didn't open it then since I figured she might destroy it. But this year, we will! I don't remember the 'need' from last year when she was Julia's age, but we're doing undies this year, too, since she's sizing up 🙂

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