Showing Off My New Scarf (#ScarfSwap14)

Seeing as how it’s been about two weeks since the initial #ScarfSwap14 link-up was posted, I figured it’s about time for me to show off my scarf! I’ll totally take the hit with bad timing for posting the link-up. Having it up the Monday before Thanksgiving wasn’t ideal for many people…not to mention that the post office seemed to be a little slower than usual since scarves didn’t make it to their destinations on time. No matter, the link-up is still up (and located at the bottom of this post), so get your posts up and share your scarves!

We had around 39 people sign up this year, which is so great! But that meant one person would be left without a partner. Whoops. I decided to be that lonely person…until I realized I really wanted to reap the benefits and get a new scarf, so I put a quick call-out on FB and Twitter and the lovely Kim from She is Fierce responded back almost immediately. She calls Canada home, so she didn’t sign up (per my no international rule). Luckily for her, I needed a partner and didn’t mind shipping something up north.

The only problem is that we’re both total procrastinators. Actually, maybe that’s not a problem since there wasn’t that pressure of getting our scarves to each other on time. I know, I’m a horrible scarf swap host for even thinking that! Luckily, neither scarf got lost or stolen in the mail; it just took a wee bit longer to make it to their respective destinations.

Kim and I decided to send scarves and nail polish, because if you’re going to dress up your neck, your nails should be accessorized, too! She sent me a photo of the scarf she mailed out, and I liked it in the picture, but that image didn’t do the scarf justice. For a girl who loves red, it’s shocking how few (zero, actually) red scarves I have. But now I have one, and the best part is that I can wear it with several outfits since the red is slightly subtle! Speaking of Kim, you really need to read her blog. Her posts are always poignant, honest, and real. She doesn’t sugar-coat things, which is awesome.

These photos, by the way, are also doubling as my bumpic for this week (31 weeks over here), so you’ll see it again in a few weeks when I get around to posting the lot of them. I had my husband take them as a spur-of-the-moment thought while we were up in north Georgia for the weekend. I probably should’ve channeled my inner fashion bloggess and been a bit more creative since I’m using it as my scarf swap pic, too, but oh well. I also probably should’ve put my hair down, wore jeans instead of my staple pair of oh-so-comfy maternity yoga pants, slapped on a coat of the lovely polish she got me, and worn a belt or something so I don’t look so blah. My brain feels half empty these days, so creativity is few and far between…clearly.

In all seriousness, I hope you had fun with this swap, and next year when I plan it I’ll make the dates a little less crazy so they won’t fall right smack dab before a major holiday! And if you haven’t already, link up now!

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  1. Your scarf is so cute and cozy! With the cold weather, trying to look cute is the last of my worries. You have cold weather AND a pregnancy. I think you can prioritize comfort!

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