31, 32, 33, 34, & 35 Weeks {bumpdates}

Oh, baby.

This little one is certainly growing and it’s starting to take a toll on me. I’ll have great days and harder days (I’m writing this during one of the harder days where different parts of my body are practically screaming at me and the measly Tylenol isn’t touching the aches. Ah, pregnancy.

I’m a little shocked I’m here already (34 weeks now that I’m writing this). At my last appointment my midwife said they wouldn’t do anything to stop labor if it were to happen now. CRAZY. We also finally kicked it up a notch at home and are getting things ready for this new little one. I think it’s finally sinking in that we’re having a baby. I know, you’d think after 34 weeks of this it would already be common knowledge, but nope. I’ve sort of been in denial this whole time, but all of a sudden I realized a baby could be here sooner or later…you know, now, or as late as eight more weeks from now (oh my gosh, that seems like FOREVER!)


….so I actually wrote everything above a week ago, and I’m 35 weeks now. It’s interesting how drastically different I can feel day-to-day. Today, for example, I feel good despite the fact that nesting has taken over my life. EVERYTHING has to be cleaned now. No, not now. Right this very second. I’m happy to say, though, that my husband and I (mostly him) have crossed just about everything off my silly to-do list. I’m also very much enjoying my nightly bath tub soaks. That warm water (and tons of bubbles, of course) is so unbelievably therapeutic and the best way to spend the final hours of my day.

But enough about that…here are five weeks worth of bump pictures.

Dear Little PJ,
I’m seriously in awe that you’re going to be here soon. We have anywhere from five to seven weeks left with each other before you make your grand appearance…then I have to share you with everyone. Around this time, a lot of other moms say they’re anxious to not be pregnant anymore and want to meet their babies right away, and while I am excited to meet you, I’m also loving this time with you. I love keeping you close and having you all to myself. I love feeling you poke me, thrash around, and hiccup—oh, how I love the hiccups. I love this opportunity to help you grow and keep you safe. I love feeling your little tushy butt make my belly lopsided, and how sometimes your movements literally take my breath away. It’s an experience I never want to forget and I’m thankful and blessed to have it with you.

We’re busy getting ready for you; even your big sister is getting excited. She may not be able to hold you for awhile (trust us, we’ve seen how she acts with her baby dolls and I don’t think you want to be thrown around like that quite yet), but she says your (possible) name and gives you (okay, my belly) hugs and kisses all the time.

Sorry this letter is short and sweet, but your Mama’s a bit tired, and it’s time to go to bed. Here’s hoping you’ll be a good sleeper. I can dream, right? 

Love you, little buttercup! 
Your Mama


  1. You're so close! Those last few weeks are so uncomfortable but so exciting. Hang in there, and good luck with your delivery!!!

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