36, 37, and 38 Weeks {bumpdates}

I’m nearing the finish line and closing in on the end of the pregnancy. It’s crazy to think that I’ll have a newborn in my arms in less than a month. Confession: I totally don’t remember how to hold a baby…but it’s just like riding a bike and will come back to me, right? I sure hope so!

I’ve been spending the last few weeks getting ready for her: all her clothes are washed, the car seat’s installed, and we got our shipment from Amazon in (so now we have diapers and a bassinet), and our bags are packed. We’re basically ready. Not ready for the sleepless nights and that dreaded not-so-super-great stage, mind you, but ready. We’re ready to have her out. Ready to give her lots of snuggles and kisses. Ready to welcome her into our family.

My husband and I also took a birth class over the weekend, so now I feel more prepared for labor if I (hopefully) happen to go on my own this time. Last time I was induced, so that was a whole other ball game. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about labor this time—I certainly am. There’s always some anxiety when you’re going into an unknown situation, but still…I’m as ready as I can be.

So there’s that. As of today, I’m 38 weeks and change, and I’m curious how far I’ll go. Any guesses? In the meantime, here are three weeks worth of bumpdates:

Dear PJ,

I don’t know why, but when I started thinking about this week’s letter, I started getting a little emotional. We’re close—so very, very close to meeting you, and I really can’t wait. I’m at that point where I’m physically and emotionally ready for you to be on the outside. Granted, I know we could still have three and a half more weeks together, but I’m praying you’ll come before then, and that we won’t have to medically evict you. My body is apparently doing its part, but now we just need you to kick it into high gear (but maybe not too fast…I don’t want to have you on the side of the road or anything)!
I’m anxious to meet you and see your little face. I can’t wait to give you a name; we’ve narrowed it down, but now we’re just waiting to see what you look like and make sure the name matches the person you will be. The hospital where I’m delivering you will give us an hour together before they run all of their tests. That means we get to snuggle and bond for an hour, which is music to your mama’s ears! 

This last week took a toll on my body. Aches and pains are creeping up faster than I can control them. It’s par for the course, I know, but ouch! I’m really excited for you to meet your sister, and I think she’s ready to meet you, too. She may be confused for a little bit while she figures out that you’re not in my belly any more, but I know she’ll give you lots of love.  
Will this be my last letter to you before you’re here? Only time will tell! I love you, Buttercup! 

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