A Link-Up Party: Share Your Birth Story on February 6!

Really, everything I need to say in this post was already mentioned in the title, but I can elaborate a bit more.

Long story short, come back here next Friday, February 6, for a birth story link-up!

The sixth is the day before my due date, so I figured that would be a great time to gather a plethora of birth stories. I’m basically obsessed with reading them, so if I could have them all in one place, that would be pretty darn swell.

Did you have a c-section or a natural birth? Maybe a ridiculously long labor, or a short and sweet delivery where you actually slept through pushing (true story—happened to a friend of mine)? Were you a surrogate or welcomed your baby through adoption? I WANT TO READ ABOUT IT! Sorry, not sorry for the yelling; I just really like birth stories!

So here’s the deal: Next Friday I’ll have a post up that will look similar to this. Logistically, I should have everything ready to go ahead of time, just in case I have this baby next week. You don’t need to grab a button or even link back to here in your post (that’s your story to tell and I don’t want my name on it). All you have to do is hop on over here and add your link, and then read other birth stories.

Can’t wait to see you back here!

Oh, and one more thing: I’d love it if you could leave one positive thing about your labor/delivery in the comments below, ya know…just to get some good vibes flowing for this impending baby day I’m about to have!


  1. One positive thing 🙂 For me, the whole process was so fast it was over before they could even admit us in the hospital. I was pretty grateful we didn't have to go through days of labor like you hear from everyone.

  2. Usually, the labor with the second baby is quite a bit shorter than with the first. My first baby I was in labor a total of 24 hours, with my second about 12 hours, and my third about 1 1/2 hours.

  3. I loved my doctor's "No BS" attitude. He didn't try to sugar coat anything which I liked especially since it was an early (34 week) delivery. He also talked us through our options that made me feel comfortable with our decisions regarding Bear's delivery.

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