40 Weeks {a bumpdate}

Yeah…I’m still here…and still very much pregnant. Technically, I’m 40 weeks and three days “overdue” today. Not that I’m counting or anything. (I’m totally counting.)

So how are things going? As well as you could imagine. I’m actually feeling okay for the most part, just gigantic. Bending, even to eat something at the table, is basically next to impossible since I have a back/butt literally in my way when I try to hinge my body. I’ve tried to let go of my notion of kick starting my labor, but it’s obviously still always in the back of my mind (okay, closer to the very front of it). We’re still going on walks, but only because it’s been absolutely gorgeous outside lately. And I’m still eating pineapple, because it’s quite delicious. The spicy food myth is just sorta funny since we always eat spicy food. I’ve upped it a little more, but it’s not doing anything except making the baby go CRAZY a couple hours after I eat it, and giving me a little extra heartburn, but it’s nothing that my beloved Pepcid and Tums can’t handle.

Now that I’m past my due date, my midwives have me going in for extra testing this week. I had an NST (non stress test) yesterday followed by an AFI (checks the amniotic fluid index) and I/we passed both with flying colors. I’ll go back for another NST this Thursday and next Monday morning. I’ve gotta say, it was pretty great getting to see a glimpse of the baby yesterday during the ultrasound! Plus, I got to sit and relax for a half hour while I listened to her heartbeat!

Oh, we officially have an induction date: bum bum bum….This little girl has one week to vacate my womb or she’ll be forced out. I have to go in at midnight the night before (President’s Day) for antibiotics (I tested GBS+ this time), and then the induction begins bright and early the next morning. Obviously, I’m still holding out hope that I’ll go into labor before then.

That’s the rundown of where we’re out right now. Starting next week this blog will be taken over by some really fantastic guest posts, scattered with some of my own posts that I’ve been working on, so things won’t go into radio silence over here. I have one more pretty special and darn exciting post coming up on Thursday, so there’s that to look forward to, too!

And if you want a first glimpse of when I actually have the baby, make sure to follow me on Instagram (@jesstagirl).

Dear PJ,

Okay little girl, we need to have a chat. Your sister came a week late, and it looks like you’re going to follow in her little footsteps. But you know what? You should really start thinking about being your own person—break free from tradition and come out just a smidgen earlier. I’m so, so ready to just hold you in my arms! 

I must say, though, that I’ve enjoyed the last few weeks with you. You’ve been moving around so much, and while your little jabs sometimes take my breath away, I love guessing which body part is moving. Right now you have a little leg or knee or foot that likes to poke out on my right side. Oh, I can’t wait to meet you! 

See you soon? Love you!
Your mama


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