Introducing Madilyn Rose!

A few fun facts (because that’s all this tired mama brain can come up with at the moment):

  • Madilyn was born the day before Valentine’s Day, just before 8 am
  • She was 9lb, 1.1 oz and 21 inches long (her sister was 9lb 2.7 oz; 21″ long)
  • Despite my lack of heartburn, she was born with brown hair!! (Julia was legit bald for months)
  • Giving
    birth to her was the complete opposite of my first delivery; this time
    it was med-free birth, I only pushed twice (my husband says it was more
    like one push), and she was born in her bag of water (a more in-depth
    birth story to come…later)
  • Julia’s loving her “Maddie,” and is a great big sister
  • Two under two is a little ridiculous, but the sweet moments are pure bliss
  • Maddie has gigantic, wrinkly long feet

  • My husband is the best dad and husband in the entire world
  • I forgot how exhausting the newborn phase is
  • It doesn’t help that I have a cold and can’t take anything for it. Not having any sleep and feeling like my head is stuck in a bubble is extremely horrible
  • I’m totally in love with my little peanut and I can’t get enough of her lips!  

More to come later 🙂


  1. You did it! Yaaaaay! Congratulations! She's perfectly adorable. 🙂

    And as for the cold, send your husband to get Afrin nose spray. (Generic is cool, too.) It's safe for breastfeeding and will save your life. I swear! It saved me this winter.

    Two under two is tough, but you'll get it down. So happy for you!

  2. I love her name! I am nee to ypur blog and IG and can i just say I wish i found them sooner! Congrats to you and your family. My name is Devan but coudnt figure out how to post it. I just wanted to introduce myself.

  3. Way to go! I remember that we seemed to have pretty similar births with our #1's, and it sounds like this birth of your is what I'm aiming for with #2. I can't wait to hear the story when you're recuperated enough to tell it. (Feel free to throw advice my way in the meantime!). Congrats on the beautiful addition to your family.

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