I Confess…

…that I put Tangled on for Julia to watch just so I could have time to write this

…that I’ve skipped taking a nap (when both girls actually slept at. the. same. time) two days in a row, just so I could snuggle my baby and read a book in absolute complete silence

…that I actually read a book in the past week! I guess breastfeeding multiple times does have its benefits 

…that I’m absolutely terrified of how I’ll survive solo parenting in a couple weeks when my husband goes TDY for almost a month. My one and only goal is to make sure the three of us (four including Bella) are fed and somewhat clothed during that time

…that I genuinely love drinking ice water

…that I’m already over summer and it’s barely spring

…that I asked for bug spray recommendations and now I’m even more overwhelmed than before. I need to just pick one already and be done with it

…that I’d love for you to head over to Hellobee and read these posts here and here (because I wrote them)!

…that I stole this “I confess” idea from Kelsey

…that I tune out a lot more crying from the littles than I’d care to admit

…that I’m beyond exhausted almost all the time now, which makes me even more thankful for not having to cook dinner much lately. My MOPS group and my husband’s squadron put together a “meal train” for us and we’ve had home cooked meals arrive at our door step several nights this week. It’s been a huge blessing

…that I couldn’t stay awake to watch Scandal last night. I don’t even know who I am anymore (just kidding; I know exactly who I am: I’m a mom with a newborn)


  1. I 100% support your decision to empower your daughter by having her watch an entertaining but instructional video on self-defense and independence. Especially since it's nice to get a little update into your life. 🙂

  2. I totally feel you on the tdy thing! I'm hoping and praying my hubby doesn't go tdy for a long time now that baby is here.

  3. I've turned on Lilo and Stitch just to eat a few times 🙂 I've also been skipping naps, and I wish I could say I've gotten in a book because of it. Go you!

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