Spring into Summer: Clothes for Little Girls

I love window shopping just as much as the next girl—and by “window shopping” I mean “browsing online”—but I always miss stuff when I see it on the computer, and then when I see it in the store, I’m like, “Where was this?!” Basically, that’s exactly what happened when we stepped foot inside Old Navy this weekend.

We were there specifically looking for clothes for me (that I can nurse in) and new spring clothes for my husband. By the way, dressing my postpartum body the second time around is even stranger/harder than the first time…but that’s a different post for another day. I didn’t really find much for myself, unfortunately, but I did find things for Julia and Madilyn. The only problem is that they’re both good on clothes right now and their papa would probably cut up my credit cards if I spent any more money on them.

And that brings us to today—right now, where I’m putting the things I liked the most here so you can go out and get them for your little girl. (Sorry mamas of little boys; I have a one-track mind when I go into stores these days.)



Clearly I’m addicted to the shade of coral this spring, and I wish 95% of these clothes came in my size (or actually, I wish they’d look good on me in my size). I like everything above, but I’m in deep lust for those eyelet flats, the tulle skirt, the ruffled shorts, that light and airy floral top and bloomers, and the jellies.  

If you could get just ONE of these items for your little girl 
(or *ahem* for yourself), which would it be?




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