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When we were stuck inside the hospital for a week, we watched a decent amount of TV. There wasn’t a whole lot to do, so we binged…on HGTV, to be exact. It wasn’t the first time we’ve watched that station (I love me some Property Brothers!), but it definitely sparked some ideas on future projects for our house. While we, unfortunately, don’t have plans to blow out any walls any time soon, we are thinking of changing things up in our bathroom.

Technically we’re not remodeling our bathroom; I guess you could say we’re just adding to it and giving it a little “reno” if you will. We’ve made several changes to our house since moving back into it (almost) two years ago, and this is our latest project. Our bathroom’s been sitting there completely undecorated and untouched—getting pushed aside for other projects. I’ve been meaning to put some pictures up on the walls…or something, but in the collective five years that we’ve lived here, it hasn’t happened.

The other night, my husband was browsing Pinterest*, and showed me something he liked. It’s a little bit different, but I liked it. I think this is just the push we needed to revamp that room. One thing led to another and he’s about to work on several mini projects that will accumulate into completing our bathroom (after I decorate it, of course). *Tell me my husband isn’t the only one who gets on Pinterest! 

First, you can see what we’re working with. These “before” pictures were taken before we moved in. The walls are now a very light periwinkle, and the only side of the bathroom you can’t see is a long and narrow window and a fairly blank large(ish) wall to the left of the toilet and to the right of the bathtub.

So we have a pretty decent blank page to work with, which makes this exciting! The door, by the way, is now white, and the only things that won’t change will be the tile and the toilet, since that would be a giant pain in the tush (no pun intended) to change.

Okay, wanna see the inspiration for what we’re going to do? I thought you’d never ask.

via Centsational Girl

via Etsy (KeoDecor)

via Design, Dining, and Diapers

via Pinterest (tried really hard to find original source)

via 7th House on the Left

via Etsy (ThePinkToolBox)

Basically, it’s rustic charm meets industrialization, and I’m pretty excited about it. Strong and bold pipes coupled with weathered wood, and I’m thinking I’ll add some flowers in fun vases and some nice pictures on the walls to soften the look a little. What do you think? Is this up your alley or too rugged for your taste?


  1. Instead of vases, using mason jars would be a fun touch for the flowers, too. It would give it that country-home feel without going too overboard! I love the look you are going for!

  2. I love it! I was going to suggest the mason jars too. And my hubby loves that I find a lot of good recipes on pinterest – he is always willing to be the guinea pig for new foods!

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