Conquer Bedwetting with Pampers UnderJams

I’ve gotta say that potty training Julia before the baby was born was one of the best things that ever happened. I can’t imagine changing even more diapers than I’m already changing. I was worried about regression happening once Madilyn was born, and while it did happen, it was only for about a week, and it wasn’t all that bad. (She had more wet accidents and just didn’t get to the potty in time.)

So, life has been pretty hunky dory over here in the potty department…except when it comes to sleep. Unfortunately, the one part she still isn’t getting yet is how to hold her bladder during her nap time and at night, and I actually have zero intention on pushing that on her. Getting up several times during the night is tough as it is, and I don’t really feel like having to deal with changing the oldest out of her jammies and then changing her sheets. Just typing all of that out made me exhausted.

It turns out that bedwetting actually has a technical term: enuresis. And technically speaking it means “involuntary urination,” which typically happens at night. While it usually occurs in boys more than girls, 15% of all children will still wet the bed by the age of five (and 7 to 10% of kids will wet the bed at 7 years old).

Granted, Julia is three years away from those statistics and I have no idea what her little body will do between now and then, but there are some ways to initiate the process of keeping her dry while she sleeps:

  • Skip the drinks a couple hours before bed.
  • Teach her to imagine herself dry as she goes to sleep.
  • Create bed wetting alarms. 
  • Use helpful products, like Pampers UnderJams

Let’s talk about the last point up there, Pampers UnderJams! These are the bees knees when it comes to keeping your kid dry. UnderJams have a leakage protection that features a NightLock ultra-absorbent core. On top of that, there’s no crinkling of material (like a diaper)—it’s cloth-like, ComfortWear material is key for privacy, and it has a low waist, so if your child is at that sleepover age range, (s)he won’t have to worry about wearing them and being embarrassed!

You can find UnderJams at your local Walmart (and at a pretty great price), and follow the convo about bedwetting with the #ConquerBedWetting hashtag. You can also find out more about enuresis, watch videos, and read articles by leading pediatrician moms here.

While we’re at it, let’s keep the conversation going…have you experienced bedwetting with your child(ren)? Tell me about it below!

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