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Get Your Drink On with 11 Awesome Mugs

Caffeine is on the forefront of my mind these days, because a newborn and a toddler will totally do that to you; you’ve gotta wake up ready to run on broken sleep from the night before and then have the energy and stamina to make it through the entire day. I’m exhausted just thinking about how much I miss sleep.

All that to say: our coffee mugs are getting a run for their money lately. Since our cupboard is literally filled to the brim with mugs (they’re stacked on top of each other), and since my husband vetoes even the thought of buying any more mugs, I’m sharing some of my favorite ones with you.  

(Sweet and loving husband, I know you’re reading this, so consider this a plain-as-day hint: there are several here that I adore and I would definitely not be upset if I happened to open one of them on Mother’s Day next month. There’s even one for you, because I’m thoughtful and caring like that. Just throwing that out there for ya!)


:: Namast’ay in Bed :: Motherhood: Fueled by Love & a Whole Lot of Caffeine 

:: Get it Girl :: Eat Blog Love :: I Like You & I Love You

:: You’re My Person :: Mom est. 1983 :: Call Me Boss Lady :: Hello, Handsome

:: Good Morning, Beautiful :: I Can’t Even ::

Those are all pretty awesome, right? I’d be totally okay with adding any one of these to my collection (actually, I do already own the Eat, Blog Love one). Which one of these tickles your fancy?



  1. Love get it girl and I can’t even! Although, like you, my husband and I have way more mugs than we need. …

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