I Confess… (Round 2)

…that I took the girls strawberry picking yesterday with my MOPS group (well, only Julia actually picked them, obviously), and I didn’t take a single picture of her in the fields. Instead, I enjoyed the moment with her.

…that I truthfully didn’t pull out my phone (camera) at the strawberry field, because I didn’t think my phone (camera) could survive a dip in the mud. It was so muddy that we had to wear plastic grocery bags on our feet! Totally worth it, though, for tasty strawberries!

…that I’m sorta itching for a new blog design. I’ve had this one for almost two years and while I still love aspects of it, I also want this space to grow a little more. I have plans, ideas, and dreams. On that note: I’m thisclose to transferring to Wordpress. Honestly, I can’t even believe those words just graced this blog. I’ve been loyal to Blogger for more than a decade (!!!), but those darn plans, ideas, and dreams are just sitting there knocking, waiting to be let inside.

…that I have one more blog-related thing happening: I’m officially going to re-open ad spots on my sidebar again in a few weeks. I’m making some tweaks to the packages now, and I’m pretty excited about things I’ll be offering!

…that I have anxiety walking into our neighborhood Kroger, because they’re expanding and remodeling it, and EVERYTHING is moved around. I’m one of those people that genuinely likes going shopping, even with kids. But everything is out of place now and this is how I feel when I can’t find what I need: lakdjf;oiwejfoaihda;lsdfj.

…that I thought of that last confession (^^^^) at 3:30 am. The things that run through my mind while half awake and breastfeeding are pretty astonishing.

…that I burp whenever I pat Maddie’s back to burp her. Does that happen to anyone else?!

…that I made banana oatmeal muffins the other day and couldn’t figure out why they came out unbelievably dry…until I found the melted butter still in the microwave. Whoops.

…that I’m actually contemplating hiring a photographer to come hang out with me for a day (or a few hours) so she can take pictures I need for my blog. I have 18 (EIGHTEEN!!) drafted posts that need pictures to go with them. Here’s a quick look at a few that are almost ready to go, except for needing photos: our walk-in pantry reno (that’s actually complete), our revamped walk-in closet, Julia’s baby book, my awesome diaper bag (a review), and many, many more.

…that I’m not actually going to hire a photographer. Let’s get real here. I’d rather spend my money on more frosted lemonades from Chick-fil-A or treat myself to coffee from Starbucks. Have you tried one of those frosted lemonades yet? Oh my word. So delicious! 

…that I may have told Julia that my Kind Bar was spicy and that she probably wouldn’t like it. I love those bars, and eating one on the go or while breastfeeding is often what keeps me from becoming a very hangry mama.


  1. On the switch to WP… just do it. TOTALLY worth every penny, but definitely hire someone to do the transfer – so much easier!

    And I love grocery shopping too and would HATE them moving things around. I get annoyed when they do a small reset and I can't find things!!!

  2. lol to the telling your kids the food is spicy, I try to do that but it often fails! 🙂 And this frosted lemonade at cfa? Is it ice cream?!

  3. I think I always burped when I burped my babies. Sometimes Joe would, too! It's hilarious!

    I'd love to try one of those lemonades from CFA. But sadly, the closest one is an hour away and…..yeah. Not happening unless we're going that way for something else. *SIGH*

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