Madilyn Rose {newborn photos}

Nine days after Madilyn was born, she had a little photo shoot and totally got the star treatment. I’ll hold these photos near and dear to my heart (and in her baby book and on our walls) for years to come. You probably won’t be able to tell from the photos, but this day will probably always be etched in my mind, because it’s also the day she was taken to the hospital by ambulance and then diagnosed with RSV.

I love that these were taken in our home by Bonnie Iris Photography, and are a little mixture of lifestyle and the squishy posed newborn pictures we all know and love. Bonnie was ever-so patient, especially while getting peed on (by Maddie, of course)!

Obviously this post will be picture heavy, but I’m starting with my favorite photo. I’m blowing it up, printing it on a canvas, and putting it on a wall in our living room so I can look at it every single day; I LOVE it.

I’ve gotta say: purple might just be her color!

 Be still, my heart!

I had to share this pose below even though I blurred out our name. It was too cute not to share!

Madilyn was a gem during the shoot and slept the whole time, which is just what you want to get those adorable newborn poses. Bonnie Iris Photography was fantastic to work with. She literally brought a studio to our house! I’m glad we invested in getting photos taken of her and of us when she was still itty bitty!

And because I know people will ask, here are links for her “outfits”:
Aviator hat (comes in toddler and adult sizes, too): ByKarenJ
ABU hat and name tape: Kasey’s Creations
ABU ruffle diaper cover and headband: Ruffled & Punk (looks like they’re “on a break”)


  1. I am DYING from cuteness overload. Your family is too precious for words! Professional photography is pretty much always worth the investment.

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