Madilyn Rose (two months)

As I type this, Madilyn is gabbing away with the little toy duck hanging from her play mat; I’m sure they’re having a grand conversation. She’s wearing a hand-me-down outfit from Julia, and has two band aids stuck to her chunky little thighs, but thankfully she’s acting like the round of shots she got earlier at her well-baby check-up are a thing of the past.

Two months. I know I usually say that time flew by, but this month actually seemed to go slower than normal. Maybe it’s because it’s the first time we finally started getting ourselves into an actual routine and schedule, or because it was the first time I’ve been alone with both girls for any significant time. My husband is away—for work, of course—so I’ve been solo-parenting it up over here. I’ve only had two break downs in a week…not too bad, if you ask me, for spending almost 24/7 with two under two.

I feel like I’ve bonded more with Maddie in the past month than I did during my entire pregnancy or even during her first month of life. She’s pretty darn adorable, and I’ve been trying to soak in them moments as best I can. It’s a double-edged sword knowing and being excited for how fast she’ll grow, but also wanting to keep her little for a little longer.

Dear Miss Maddie,
I’ve gotta be honest: last month was a little bit of a blur. A whole lot happened and I’m just now coming out of the haze. Go figure that just when I’m feeling sane again, your Papa has to leave for work. We miss him terribly (especially at night), but we’re somehow doing okay. You and your sister are fed every day and mostly clothed, so I call that a win in my book.

You’ve started chatting with everyone you see, and it’s the most adorable sound. You also smile a lot and let your little left dimple shine through—also adorable in case you were wondering. Basically, we should’ve had “Adorable” be your middle name. I’ve been wearing you a lot, and at first you weren’t too sure about being all wrapped up, but now I think you love it; you get extremely sad when I take you out, not that I can blame you.

As much as I like this newborn stage, I’m excited to see you grow up. After seeing your sister at each stage, it makes me happy to know that I’ll get to experience it all over again with you. Speaking of growing up—you’re a full pound and a half bigger than she was at this age. You love eating and are super efficient at it, which is the complete opposite as your sister, so this is a new experience for me!

Love you, munchkin!

Dear Maddie Roo,

So, this letter is going to be a ‘lil awkward. See, I’m not actually at home at the
moment. I’m waaaaaaaaaaay far away in a
place called Arizona (or “Sedonohnnah” as your sister calls it). Thankfully I won’t
be gone for too long, but I’ve missed your cuteness. Every time I Facetime with you and your mama
and your big sis, I hear you blabbling to yourself (I assume it’s to you since
none of us understand you). It’s
actually a ‘lil cray-cray how much noise you make, I don’t even think your sis
makes that much noise now.

Other than that, you’ve been a pretty awesome kid so
far: you’re happy, you don’t poop on me, and your dramatic outbursts aren’t
toooooooooooooo bad. Mostly. I mean, every time you get upset your skin
turns beet red and you look like you might actually pop, but you calm down
pretty fast. So that’s the good and the
bad. As for the weird? Besides your
full-up conversation mode, you fall asleep in random places. I really don’t mean to complain, but it’s
kinda odd when you’re playing on your tummy mat with your sister one moment,
and the next moment I hear you snoring and passed out. I suppose it’s okay as long as you stay
asleep at night for your mama.  

Keeping being a good ‘lil Roo and I’ll see you soon!


Your Papa

Maddie Roo, Mads, Sister Maddie, Little Bug

You love your sister’s birthday balloon (that’s still hanging around). You smile at it and love watching it move. You also love when people talk to you—you break out into grins and start chatting away! You also like it when diaper changes are completely over.

Diaper changes, waking up and needing a diaper change, the middle of a diaper change. Your not a huge fan of getting into a car seat, but that’s getting a little better.

You definitely track us when we move and you respond when people talk to you. You’re holding your head up much better, but it’s still a little on the floppy side. You aren’t clutching your hands anymore, and you’re starting to grasp objects. You’re also tolerating tummy time!

Weight/Height: 11lb, 12oz and 23.75″. Your sister was barely 11lb, 9oz when she was 4 months old, so you’re surpassing her in the weight department. Don’t worry—your emerging rolls are deliciously perfect.

Clothing Size:
0-3 month, no more newborn, which makes me sad. You’re also very close to moving out of size 1 diapers. We could probably put you in 2’s now, but I want to use up all of the 1’s that we have first. 

Sleep isn’t horrible, but you’re by no means sleeping through the night. Some nights you’ll sleep for 5 hours and other nights you’re up every 2 or 3 hours. Mama’s sleepy.

Random Tidbits: 
How are Mama and Papa doing? Your Papa has been away for work during most of this month, so Mama’s been pulling double duty most days. Thankfully, you’re a delightful baby and with the exception of diaper changes, you’re pretty mellow. I’ve been working on getting you on a schedule, so that helped with my sanity this month.


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