Thoughts on Grey’s Anatomy {Seriously?!}

….If you’ve somehow been living under a rock and haven’t seen Grey’s Anatomy yet, here’s my fair warning: There will be spoilers below.

My husband likes to joke that every other episode is advertised as, “The one where EVERYTHING changes,” (said in the most dramatic voice possible. I usually laugh it off, because what else do you expect from a prime-time soap opera? But this one was seriously, “The one where EVERYTHING changes.”

I just have to get a few things off my chest, because I’ve been a loyal fan for the past 11 years, and this past episode just did a number on me. I’m mad, sad, and frustrated, and I know I’m not the only one. So can we talk about last Thursday night, because…seriously??

First of all, it’s so freaking cliche how he died. I know most of us thought it would’ve been in the first half hour during the actual crash, but the second he got back into his car, I could tell what was coming. But a car crash? Really? Out of all the ridiculously crazy story lines and plots that they’ve come up with, they used a car crash on him? I really wish they at least stepped it up a notch. And then for him to actually die from his own specialty as a surgeon, AND for us to hear his thoughts. Just…no.

And really, really? There was no cell phone reception at all until the moment he got in his car? Come on now, Shondra could’ve done better than that.

What really breaks my heart is that we’ve spent 11 years with these people—my people—and yet, during Derek’s final episode we have NEW people surrounding him? Uh uh. Nope. Not cool. Meredith could’ve easily (well, maybe not easily) transferred him to Seattle Grace once she realized that he wasn’t going to make it so everyone could say bye. They dragged McSteamy’s death into at least two episodes, but for McDreamy—someone who’s been on the show since day one—they kill him off in less than 15 minutes. Shondra, I’m shaking my finger at you. He deserved better. We deserved better. Sure, there’s going to be a two-hour sob fest next week, but we deserved more in that last episode. Instead, it felt extremely cold and disconnected.

Also, after thinking about it, why did they have to kill him off? Haven’t we had enough main characters die on this show? They shipped Christina off to another country, so why couldn’t they have done that with him? Not that I liked the storyline of Derek cheating on Mer at all, but I would’ve rather he just decided to live in Washington D.C. and they do a long distance relationship. But to kill him off? Again, it felt like the easy and lazy way out.

Speaking of Christina, she sure as heck better be there next week. Meredith needs her person.

Those are pretty much all of my jumbled thoughts from what happened. I know a lot of fans are swearing that they won’t watch another episode now that he’s gone, and while I won’t be that dramatic, I do know that the show will go downhill from here. Derek Shepherd’s been a staple (as well as the best eye candy) since day one. I’m not a huge fan of all the new characters, so I can’t see how Grey’s will rebound from this. I’ll still watch, of course, but I see Grey’s ending next year. Le sigh.

One more thing…SERIOUSLY?????


  1. ugh, I totally agree with all of this. We deserved better as faithful grey's watchers! UGH is honestly all I can say. I cried like a baby but it just feels like very last minute writing, with not a lot of thought put in. 🙁

  2. I am with you..seriously??? And to have him stop in the middle of thread to get his cellphone? Are you kidding? Mcdreamy would not have done that. Poor writing and I am so aggravated.

  3. I so totally agree! I watched and thought no way this is the end – not even an entire episode! That's ridiculous! It's lazy writing and is a huge letdown for the fans. Why not the transfer to their hospital, why not call someone – Alex? his sister? – for support? Why not more than him narrating his own death. I hated that he couldn't talk, but for their (lame) storyline, it worked.

    Outside of the realm that is GA, I've read the gossip reports that said he was "acting up" on set, and we all know that Shonda gets rid of actors that do that. She's famously said she has no Heigl's on Scandal. LOL

    I can't imagine where this goes. I mean did she survive without him while he was in DC – of course! And even better, she thrived, she kicked butt at her job. But he was still a huge part of the story – missing him, sleeping with her kids, facetime w/ Christina, etc. Their story has been a massive part of the show. Massive.

  4. EXACTLY! I'm still mad about it. I said the same thing about Cristina. I swore that after she left I wouldn't watch the show anymore, and now I'm mad at myself for not sticking to my word. I honestly think they should have ended the show when Cristina left. It's not right without Meredith's person. At the very least, I think she should have chosen to move to DC with him and they could have ended the show that way. Because it wouldn't have been the same show at another hospital.

    I know they killed him off because he wanted to leave the show, but there are much better ways to do it than kill people off. Even Izzie just left! COME ON.

    I'm not even sure I'll watch next week. I think I'm done. 🙁

  5. I'm not entirely sure HOW I feel about it … I just watched it {courtesy of my overloaded DVR} today. This past season or two, he hasn't been my favorite character to watch. Between the tension with he and Mer, his stuff in DC, it all just left me thinking blah of him. But I do hate that they killed him off IN THE WAY THEY DID. Especially in a foreign hospital. I was also thoroughly pissed that their on-call neuro took almost 2 hours to get there because … ummm … that just doesn't happen. Even at a non-teaching/non-trauma hospital. Its called ON CALL for a reason! But unlike you, I do really like some of the newer characters/relationships on the show … and as long as Hunt is on there, I'll be watching! HA!

  6. Totally late to this post, but I was rather livid with the way he was killed off! I saw the crash coming because THAT was in true Shonda fashion, but the fact that he was passed off to a non-trauma hospital and had incompetent doctors. WTH?!? Throughout the seasons, I was somewhat OK with other characters leaving or passing on, but have Derek go kind of killed the show for me. He definitely deserved a much better departure. I tried watching the following episode, it was completely weird and didn't finish it. I think it's all done for my time with Grey's, unfortunately. haha.

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