Girl Mom Box Swap

I’m such a sucker for snail mail, especially when it’s good snail mail. Lately we’ve been getting tons of mail for people who lived here like seven years ago, and I’ve been getting junk mail for me, but in my maiden name…so that’s awkward, especially since I haven’t had that name for more than five years now.

But I digress.

Happy mail days are the best, and this one was pretty darn great. Last month I joined the #GirlMomBoxSwap hosted by the ever-so-lovely Jess from Being Mrs. Beer and Courtney from Shiraz in my Sippy Cup, and I’m here to show you what arrived in our box!

(Side note: I totally failed at the “box” part of this swap, because I sent Katie (The Free Range Mama) and her daughter, Bonnie, something in a pretty envelope. Go figure that I’d break the rules. Whoops!)

Our box (or I should say, “Julia’s box”) came from Justine over at Little Dove Creations, and I was excited from the moment it arrived. I knew the day after it got here it was supposed to be dark and stormy, which meant I’d need to pull out all the stops to keep my rambunctious toddler entertained all day. Justine must’ve sensed that since the box arrived just in the nick of time.

(I totally stole this picture from Justine’s Instagram feed, but how exciting is it?! Pink and purple packages tied up with string? AH! Love it! And Frozen cupcake/muffin holders? YES! How did she know that we love baking together?)

I used the box (or “present” as Julia called it) as a bribe to get her to nap. I told her we could open it after nap time. She totally remembered her “present” after her nap and couldn’t wait to open it. (She’s usually out of her jammies after she wakes up in the morning, by the way, but since it was raining all day, we all stayed in our pajamas.)

You guys, Justine totally went above and beyond for this swap, because everything was perfect. Like, really, really perfect.

What was under the cupcake holders? Pink velvet cake mix! I totally picked the wrong week to start Weight Watchers! We almost made them that day, but I’m going to hold on to them for another rainy day. She asks about them, daily, though, so I’ve been putting her snacks (grapes, gold fish, etc.) in the cupcake holders until we make the cake.

Justine even got something for Maddie!!! And it’s stinkin’ cute…

Adorable onesie, right? But just wait….

wait for it….

wait for it…..

Ahhhhh! It’s too much cuteness for one picture. I can’t believe I get to look at her adorable face every single day. Ahhhhhh!!

Sorry, I got a little distracted by a dose of adorableness.

So, also in the box was a Frozen shirt for Julia. Why I don’t have a picture of hers, I don’t know, because Julia loves wearing it to match her sister! I know you probably want a shirt or onesie for your little one now, so you can buy one from her here.

She also got Julia toys for her to play outside, and let me tell you—she’s been playing with these things every. single. day. See that cheesy grin in the first picture? I get to see that every time I tell her she can play with her “bubble necklace.” (What I don’t have a picture of is a picture of her in tears when I tell her it’s time to put it away.) 

Here’s a better picture of the girls’ goodies. She even got something
for me—nail polish! Although, technically that’s for Julia, too since
she loves getting her toes pretty.

I LOVED this swap!! Justine, you are amazing and I can’t thank you enough for how much thought you put into this box—you set the bar pretty high for any swaps in the future! It was so much fun and I really hope hostesses do this again. Hmmm. Upon reflection, I think we need a Mom Box Swap one of these days 🙂


  1. You got some great stuff. I also failed and mail my stuff in a package instead of box!!! So you weren't the only one!

  2. This is cool! Kinda wish I knew about it, but I was probably too busy having my 2nd girl to worry about it. Let me know if it happens again!!

  3. What an awesome box!! She totally nailed it with the matching wrapping paper job too (wish I'd thought of doing that lol). I love the gardening tools.

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