Madilyn Rose {three months}

It must’ve been a fluke that between month one and two was lovely and leisurely, because month two to three sped on by. With that said, this little girl is getting more delightful by the day! Her personality is starting to shine through—I’m pretty sure she’s going to be a people person by the way she lights up whenever she makes eye contact with anyone, especially her sister. It was also wonderful having my husband back home around for most of the month; it’s amazing having our family complete again.

At one point during the month (over a weekend, of course) I had a plugged duct, so my breast was super sore. Thankfully, after lots of nursing, heat, and massaging, it unclogged, but I was worried for a little bit. I have a feeling Maddie’s going to be an early crawler/walker by the way she gets her scoot on during tummy time. I put her down at the end of her play mat and/or blanket, and in a matter of minutes she’s at the other end. Did I mention this was happening before she even hit the three-month mark? Uh oh!

Dear Maddie Roo,
You, my little love bug, are a delight. I absolutely adore waking up to your giggles, and screeches, and coos. If someone has to wake up before an alarm clock goes off, that’s the way to do it. You rarely cry, so when you do I love on you and hold you close to get you to calm down, and usually within seconds you’re back to smiling again.

You’ve discovered your hands and feet this past month, so now I’m just waiting for you to start sucking on your toes—it was one of your sister’s favorite pastimes. While we wait, you’re enjoying tummy time, watching people, watching TV (we try moving you so you can’t see it, but goodness, you try pretty darn hard to see that bright screen), and you like to practice standing and sitting, but you still need help with both.

Take it easy, little one, because I’m in no big rush for you to grow up. I know that once you start moving, things will definitely change around here, and I’m kind of enjoying all of the snuggle time I get with you!

Love you lots,

Dear lil ‘Roo

Oh my goodness. Basically, that’s what I say every time I see you. I was gone the first few weeks of this month, which was really sad. When I left you, you would wiggle some, and squeak here and there, but that was about it. Once I got back it was seriously cray-cray how much bigger you were!!! You’re already a full pound and a half heavier than your sister was at that age, and about ten times more talkative. When you wake up in the mornings (side note, “morning” does not equal 5 am) you just sit there blabbing and giggling and having a confab with your mama and me and everyone!

The really awesome part is that for most of the rest of the day you’re just as happy and full of giggles. I like this. Things I’m not fond of? The Drool. See, here’s the thing about it: you drool everywhere. All. The. Time. I’ll pick you up from your mat and it’ll look like you just hopped out of a pool. So maybe try to work on that. Also, thanks for not pooping on me or your mama. We always appreciate that.

I love you!
Love, Your Papa

Maddie Roo, Mads, Sister Maddie, Little Bug

Watching your sister, people watching, tummy time (for the most part)

Waking up hungry, going to bed (some nights), being in the car (that needs to change)

Rolling over both ways, grabbing your feet, grabbing everything, watching objects as they move

No well-check this month, but your unofficial weight on our scale is a little more than 13 pounds, and I’m sure you’re more than 24″ (you were 23.75″ last month). 

Clothing Size:
Oh man. I put you in a six-month outfit this month. SIX MONTHS! Almost everything else is 3-6 months, but a few things (like your monthly picture above) are still 0-3 months. Actually, Wal-Mart’s clothes run a little bigger, so you can wear them for longer. Also in size two diapers.

You’re not sleeping through the night, because you wakes up anywhere from 2-4 times a night, but I still feel like it’s more sleep than I had with Julia. You used to go to sleep/bed easily, but lately it’s just not happening. Overall, though, I’m getting way more sleep than I thought I would with a baby, so sleep is okay.

Random Tidbits: 
We’re going on our first road trip with both girls next week. Cross your fingers and toes for us that it’ll go well!


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