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eShakti compensated me for this post for giving an honest review of their new, streamlined site. As always, all thoughts below are my own! (And speaking of new and improved site—if you’re reading this from a feeder, you should click on over to check out the new look over here! It’s a work in progress, so there may be a few things that are still a bit wonky, but overall, things are looking different!)


I’m in a total awkward clothing stage right now. I want to get out of my yoga pants and maternity clothes, but they’re just so darn comfortable—elastic waists and ruched sides for the win! Not to mention, nothing really fits since the postpartum stage after baby number two is even more awkward than after the first baby.

Luckily, eShakti doesn’t care about sizes—they care about fashion and how you’ll actually look in clothes. Basically, customization is their middle name. Send them your measurements for a custom fit, and they’ll to the rest. That, my friends, is music to my ears; now I don’t have to find time to go to a store and try on several outfits with two little ones sitting patiently and waiting for me. (Because all kids are perfect angels when you want to do something, right? Ha!).

eshakti dress review

Remember when I reviewed about my experience with eshakti and how much I enjoyed the dress I got from them? Well I’m excited to mention that ordering clothes from there just got even easier with their new and improved site. Everything is right at your fingertips and divided with easy categories to narrow down what you’re looking for—or make your online “window” shopping last even longer. I especially love the “quick view” section so you can see a particular product without leaving the search page. The only thing I wish they’d offer is a preview of what all your customizations look like (like in the first photo), because half the time I have no idea if what I picked out will actually look good.

Pattern Play

Besides just dresses and skirts (with pockets!!!), they now have jumpsuits, shorts, and pants, and most are customizable, too. I’m also digging their new thematic lines of clothing—contemporary, retro modern, or bohemian, anyone?

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Sounds awesome and want to try it for yourself? eShakti‘s offering my readers a $35 coupon!

  • Valid till 06/21/2015
  • Enter this code in the ‘Gift Coupon / Referral Code’ box at checkout
  • Only one gift coupon can be used in an order
  • Not valid on previous purchases / purchase of gift cards.
  • This gift coupon cannot be transferred, re-issued or exchanged for cash.

Pretty sweet deal, right? Check out their site and tell me what you’re digging (I’m currently debating between getting this dress, this dress, this skirt, or this skirt).



  1. I didn’t have the greatest experience with eShakti, but I might try it again sometime. I am a sucker for a sundress with pockets. I did forward this post to my sisters though because I know a couple of them have dresses that they love from eShakti! 🙂

    1. I think I remember you telling me about your experience, or maybe I read it in a post? Either way, that stinks! They do have some discounted dresses on their site, so if you use the coupon and then get a cheaper dress, that could be a good way of seeing if you like them again. (I should probably read the terms I put in the post to make sure you can actually use it on sale stuff!)

  2. I have never heard of this! This is awesome and I am the same way, still in between in clothes. But as a stay at home mom I don’t have much reason to wear something so cute!

  3. I have been wanting a dress from them, so thanks for the code! I would like something new for baby’s baptism, so this might just be it. 🙂

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