5 Favorite Sites for Headbands

I have two girls now, and both were born with minimal hair, which means that if I don’t put some bows on their pretty little heads, I get a lot of questionable comments on whether I have a boy or a girl. (Although, slapping a bright pink bow and dressing them in head to toe pink still doesn’t even do the trick.) There are tons of sites out there selling headbands and bows, but these are just a few that actually get our money, so I wanted to pass along my favorite sites for headbands and bows just in case you’re looking for a pretty bow to grace your daughter’s head.

I’m of the less-is-more variety when it comes to bows, so I like the smaller, simpler look (as opposed to big ol’ giant bows), so that’s what you’ll see here. My next project is to figure out a way to store all of their headbands and bows, because they’re starting to take over their room!

Enough talking…here are my favorite shops! (Oh, and if you read until the very end, there’s a sweet giveaway for you!)

Happiness Lives Here bowsHappiness Lives Here

This shop makes me happy, because there are so many different colors to choose from. Seriously, you name it and they’ve got it. I also love that they offer different sized bows, because I prefer the mini bows on my girls’ heads. And the coolest part is that if you get a headband, one of the options is an adjustable band so it can grow with your child. This is perfect so they can continue wearing them as they grow up! I wish I knew about this shop years ago!

Eola Ella headbands, bows, and wrapsEola Ella

My friend told me about this shop, and I’m so happy she did! They have a wide variety of everything I love—headbands, bows in different sizes, and great headwraps—it’s like a one-stop shop! The only problem is that I have to show some serious restraint when I visit the shop, because I want to buy two of everything! I love checking out the sale tab, and following on Instagram for the deal of the week—you can snag some really great prices and great items through those two alone!

Jennifer Ann StyleJennifer Ann

These are so much fun, because they’re personalized and they look stylish! These would make excellent baby shower gifts. At 20 bucks a pop, it’s a little steep for my budget, but she sometimes has an overstock of names and sells those at a discount, so keep an eye on her instagram to be in the loop for when she has a sale.  

Ellura Sage for headbandsEllura Sage

The majority of Julia’s headbands are from here. You can’t beat the price, their pick-3 or pick-5 deals rock my socks off, I adore the dozens of different colors, and if you follow on Facebook you can usually snag an additional percentage off or some other nice freebie.  Score! I prefer the wider bands to go with the flowers, but they also have the skinny bands.

Baby Beans and Me Baby Beans & Me

Oh, boy! (Or should I say, “Oh, girl!”?) This shop has so many different colorful baby turbans, that it’s really hard to pick just one. I have some serious wrap envy whenever I see a Baby Beans and Me post pop up on Instagram, because the kids always look so gosh darn cute in the pictures!


Five Favorite Sites for Headbands

I’m such a girl mom, because I could seriously spend so much money just buying clothes and accessories for my little ones! Not that I (I mean “they”) need any more headbands, but where do you find yours? Tell me about your favorite shops in the comments, and definitely check out the ones I mentioned above. (Not a single shop paid me or gave me anything to write this, by the way. I just love their products and wanted to share them with you!)


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  1. Wow you found some beauties. I have three girls but they are all grown up now so I will have to wait for granddaughters to enjoy this fashion statement.

  2. These are adorable!! I don’t find out the gender of my little one until next week, but if it’s a girl I’m totally stocking up on headbands. I especially love the ones from Baby Beans and Me!

  3. The problem with hair bow/band/ties shops on Etsy is that I love to wear them in MY OWN HAIR, and now it’s SO HARD to find adult sizes and not just baby girl sizes!

    1. I was so sad when my oldest daughter started pulling them off and wouldn’t wear them. She’s finally starting to like them again since I put them on her baby sister.

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