If You Give a Toddler a Donut

…she is most definitely going to ask for sprinkles to go with it.

Earlier this month social media was on fire for donuts, and I’m talking ON FIRE! It just so happens that my daughter totally lucked out that National Donut Day landed on a morning when we were completely out of milk. Luckily, Dunkin’ Donuts down the road had a plethora of milk (and donuts).

National Donut Day is probably one of the best “holidays” to celebrate…especially when you’re a toddler. She’s had bites of one here and there, and she gets an occasional donut hole when her mama needs a coffee fix from DD, but she’s never had a whole donut before. There’s a first time for everything! So what happens if you give a toddler a donut for the very first time?

This happens:

If you give a toddler a donut

if you give a toddler a donut
A sprinkle came off, so she—very carefully—put it back in its place.

if you give a toddler a donut

if you give a toddler a donut

if you give a toddler a donut

if you give a toddler a donut

if you give a toddler a donut

if you give a toddler a donut

I couldn’t even handle how she was eating her donut. I mean, who wouldn’t want to eat the best part first?

During these next pictures, I told her to show me her donut and to smile when I said, “say cheese.” It totally doesn’t look like she’s smiling at all, but that scrunched up nose is too cute to tell her otherwise.

IMGif you give a toddler a donut6315


And then, the donut-eating finale:

if you give a toddler a donut

Get it, girl!

And because I haven’t written about my favorite two-year-old in awhile, here are some things she’s saying/doing these days:

+ Says, “picka upa” like an Italian. Staying true to her Italian roots, I suppose!
+ Called rollie pollies “hello pollies.” She also doesn’t mind stomping on them, which is a little sad for those poor unsuspecting bugs
+ Says, “Oh, my goodness,” “Wow…amazing,” “All by myself,” “No, I do it,” “Mines,” and, “I’ll talk to you later!” (Among other words, of course. Those are just the cute ones out of the bunch)
+ Loves singing her ABC’s
+ Recently started saying, “See ya later, alligator,” and it’s just about the cutest thing
+ Really enjoys going “upside down,” doing flips, and having random dance parties
+ Knows her left from her right
+ Puts her shoes on “all by herself”
+ Always says, “mama sad.” (I’m not, I promise!)
+ Picks out things for Mama, Papa, and Maddie based on the item’s size (Papa bite, Mama bite, Julia bite)

She also likes pink donuts with sprinkles and asked for “more, please” the second she finished eating the top of her donut.




  1. That’s the cutest thing. I totally didn’t take advantage of national donut day even though my social media feed was completely blown up with donut pics.

  2. I am DYING of the cuteness. Those pictures are too precious. I’m so glad you captured her first donut in such detail. Clearly this is an important milestone in a child’s life!

  3. Cora had a donut after church (not the first time, but a rarity) and totally ate it the same way, sprinkles first! Thanks for the Julia updates–I forget how fun a 2yo is! (I have this theory that somewhere between 2 and 2.5, they turn from babies into little kids, and that end of babyhood is really really cute!)

    1. I totally agree! It’s also when you forget to document their every move. I need to remember to enjoy the fun times with her, because they are a blast!

  4. O.M.G. She’s the cutest!!! And my daughter’s favorite doughnut from our favorite doughnut store is the one with rainbow sprinkles…OF COURSE! But I just love how your little one placed the sprinkle back on. How sweet is that!? Mine? She takes all of them off and eats them first. We didn’t celebrate doughnut day, but I surely drooled over every photo in my IG feed that shoved theirs in my face! Now I’m wanting them again! Your daughter is super cute, very sweet post. -Misty

    1. 🙂 Thank you! I love how their little minds work. There’s no way I would ever pay so much attention to sprinkles on a donut! They make us stop and sometimes appreciate the small things in life!

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