Madilyn Rose (Four Months)

madilyn 4 months
Four months already, can you believe it? I certainly can’t! Maddie’s pediatrician even gave us the go-ahead to start spoon-feeding her…like with real people food. He in no way said that we had to start feeding her, but just that we could if we wanted to. Personally, I can’t do that quite yet. I need to cherish her in this stage for as long as possible. Still, the fact that she’s growing up so fast is just crazy, and I’m not ready for her to be anything other than my little baby.

madilyn 4 months

Once again, I don’t have anything but lovely things to say about you. You’re just an absolute delight! Even when you’re in a cranky mood, I know that we can get you to calm down fairly quickly. You’ll be crying your little lungs out, but then you’ll see me, your papa, or your sister and you’ll break out into a huge toothless grin. It’s just adorable.

This month you also started sucking your thumb, but when you do it you leave your other fingers open, so they cover part of your face. I love that you’ve figured out how to self soothe, and that you’re so cute when you do so. I also adore making you giggle. I tickle your chubby thighs or under your neck and you break out into giggles! Speaking of your thighs—I just want to nibble on them. I can’t get over your cuteness; looking at you makes me cry sometimes because you’re just so beautiful.

I can’t wait to see what this next month brings, little one!

Love, love, love you,

madilyn 4 months

Dear lil Rooski,

So, I never thought that I’d say this, but you need to tone down your cuteness. Seriously. Every time I see you (even half the time when you’re sleeping), you are nothing but a big ball of coos, giggles, and smiles. All. The. Time. You are like that when I get home from work, when I feed you, and even at 2 a.m. when you decide that we all need to see your smiles instead of sleeping. It’s getting to be a little ridiculous actually.

Speaking of ridiculous, we need to have about that broken water main that you call a mouth. As you’re sitting around (well, awkwardly leaning… you’re still working on sitting all the time) being all cute to boot, you’re also drooling about a pools worth of spit. Every five minutes. No lie, one day your Mama handed you to me and I seriously though she put you in a pool with all your baby clothes on. You were that soaked.

So, in conclusion, please close your mouth, and stop being so gosh darn cute all the time. I love you!

Your Papa

Madilyn 4 monthsmaddiecollage2

Maddie, Maddie Roo, Sister Maddie,

Hanging out with your sister, trying to sit up, drooling (it’s basically your favorite thing ever!), kisses on your cheeks, chewing on everything

Being overtired

Sucking on your thumb, sometimes falling to sleep on your own, and almost sitting up all on your own.

You weigh a whopping 14 lb, 5oz (64th percentile) and are 25 1/2 inches (88th percentile)! You’re bigger and taller than your sister was at this age! 

Clothing Size:
You’re in 3-6 month and some 6-month outfits.

Ummmm. Yeah. Sleep is all over the place. Sometimes you go down just fine and then you sleep for six hours. Then other nights you like to be up every two hours. Luckily, once you’re down I can usually just nurse you a little bit and you’ll go back to sleep, but seriously, every two hours makes Mama sleepy.

Random Tidbits:
The pediatrician gave us the okay to start spoon-feeding you. Sorry, little lady, but that’s not going to happen. Once I start feeding you “real” food, that means you’re really growing up, and I’m just not ready to let go of you quite yet.

Blanket in the photos from Bebe au Lait, onesie from the wedding chicks, and headband from happiness lives here



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