Our Laundry Room Makeover Reveal

I’m such a tease. I showed you our new walk-in pantry, but I deliberately left out a whole section of it: the laundry room makeover! Just to give you a little reminder, here’s what the “before” looked like:

before laundry room

When we moved back to America, we needed a new washer and dryer since we sold ours before we left. It was a tough debate whether or not we wanted to stack the washer and dryer or have them sit side by side. The overwhelming benefit for stacking them was not having to bend as much to load and unload (which would be glorious to not have to do while pregnant), but if we put them side by side, then I could have a nice work station (also known as: a place to throw all of our junk). In the end, having more space to store stuff won. *And I know we could’ve raised the set off the ground, but if we did that, I wouldn’t be able to reach as far back on the table, because I’m on the short side.

Here’s what our little corner of the laundry room looks like now:

turn your laundry room into a fun and bright place!

a bright and open space for a laundry room

a bright and open space for a laundry room

little details help make a laundry room fun

little details help make a laundry room fun

little details help make a laundry room fun

Laundry room reveal

My crafty husband did all the hard labor. He’s into wood working, so he created the table and made all of the shelves on the walls, and then he left me to decorate! Can I just say how thankful I am that we’re on the same page decor wise? We both love bright, vibrant colors, and we’re all about having a rustic and modern look. Doing laundry (when it gets done) is actually somewhat enjoyable now, because I have a decent space to do it in.

I mentioned this in the pantry post, but this room is just so much fun now; it’s easily one of my favorite places in the house, and I get sad when it’s a mess. (And trust me it doesn’t always look this pristine!)

So, one last time, here’s a before and after of our walk-in pantry and laundry room makeover:

Take a boring room and transition it into something awesome

Thanks for letting me share this space with you guys! (And in case you want to see it again, here’s our walk-in pantry reveal.) JL_Signature


  1. LOVE what you did with these rooms! The vibrant colors, fun decor, yet simplistic style is fantastic. Well done!!

  2. Oh my gosh, I’m so jealous! A pantry and a laundry room are two things I most want when we buy a house. Not only do you have them, but you guys did an AMAZING job on the makeover!

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