Dia&Co Reveal (Box 2)

My second Dia&Co box arrived earlier this week, and I was just as giddy to open it as I was the first time around. Seriously, “going” shopping without leaving my house is probably my new favorite thing.

A little info about Dia&Co: If you’ve heard of StitchFix, they’re similar, but Dia&Co specializes in fitting women who wear a size 10 and up. Basically, you fill out a style profile, pay a $20 styling fee, and then your stylist sends you five items. You have five days to try everything on and get a feel for it, then you send what you don’t want back. Then, they’ll deduct that twenty bucks from the price of anything you decide to keep. Sweet deal, right?

Five items of clothes shipped straight to your door! Here's my latest Dia&Co reveal. Gotta love a company that caters to women who wear a size 10 and up!

So back to this month’s Dia&Co reveal…

Instead of taking poor-quality selfies in our tiny hallway closet, I voluntold my husband to take pictures of me with my big girl camera. You guys, “modeling” is tough. Modelling outside is really tough. Modeling outside in Georgia during the summer is basically just stupid, especially when one of things you’re wearing is long-sleeved. On the bright side, today was the first day in months (okay, almost a year) that I wore actual non-maternity jeans. Like, they zipped all the way up and I could button them. I would’ve jumped around to celebrate, but I didn’t want to pop a button or something.

Where was I? Ah, yes: modeling. I’m not going to quit my day job for a fashion blogger’s gig, that’s for sure. This was also the first time in a really long time that I used my camera on manual. I actually went to a photo class last weekend and wanted to put what I learned into practice. I think they came out pretty good—we just need to work on focusing a little more since some of the pictures are blurry.

Okay, enough rambling. you’re here to see what I got this month! Please let me know which your favorites are in the comments—I don’t have to return things until Friday, so I can always be persuaded to keep or ditch something before then!

Here’s my second Dia&Co reveal:

Item 1: Modamix Black and White Spotted T-shirt, $48

Modamix Black and White Spotted T-shirtI LOVE this shirt. It’s casual, fun, and so ridiculously comfortable that I could see myself never wanting to take it off. I really like the length, and I can’t get over the material—did I mention that yet? This is something I can wear during all seasons, too, which I appreciate.
Verdict: totally keeping

Item 2: a.n.a. Chiffon Trim Open Front Cardigan in fuchsia, $40

a.n.a. Chiffon Trim Open Front Cardigan in fuchsiaUuum no. I like the color and the material, but that’s about it. It’s too big and way too long; the sleeves go way past my fingertips, and the bottom goes down almost to my knees. I’m short (5’2″), and this cardigan is almost as tall as I am! I also have several cardigans in this style already.
Verdict: sending back

Item 3: Charter Club Printed Shirt Dress, $88

Charter Club Printed Shirt DressMy husband liked this dress on me, and out of all of the photos, I think I actually look the best in this dress…but I’m not digging it. The pattern made me feel like I should put on my pearls or gold jewelry (neither of which I own) and go to the tennis club with my girlfriends. And (spoiler alert), I don’t play tennis. It’s just not my style. (Although, the more I keep looking at the pictures, the more I want to keep it just because of how flattering it looks on me. Decisions, decisions.) Verdict: sending back (probably)

Item 4: Stylus Geometric Print Cap Sleeve Top, $36Stylus Geometric Print Cap Sleeve Top

I really like how this looks on me, especially from the front. The geometric print is tiny, so it’s not obnoxious and distracting. It’s super flattering. I love the neckline and the buttons on it (hooray for a shirt I can breastfeed in, and the material is nice and soft. I think I can wear this casually or dress it up if I want to. The only interesting part that makes me slightly hesitant to definitely say, “yes,” is the top’s cut—it’s longer in the back. You can see the different length in the right photo. Thoughts?
Verdict: probably keeping

Item 5: Jessica Simpson Midi Skirt in Coral, $60

Jessica Simpson Midi Skirt in CoralOkay, so I almost like this skirt? I mean, I want to like it, but I just…don’t. Pros: the color and the actual material—it’s so lightweight even though it’s a full skirt, and it feels really lovely on. It’s actually a little big on me (hard to tell from the pics—probably should’ve worn a different, more flattering top), but I’m not letting that factor into my decision to keep it or not (I’m assuming if I loved it they could send me a smaller size). Con: The length. This is a midi skirt, and I think I’m supposed to wear it higher up on the waist (and over a top?), but it was too big to do that. Since I can’t wear it higher, it fell in the middle of my calf, which isn’t really flattering. Also, the texture/design is just strange. I should’ve taken a close-up picture of it, but there’s just something about it that I don’t love. It almost reminds me of a 1950s kitchen towel—does that make any sense?!
Verdict: sending back

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So that’s my Dia&Co box reveal this month. Let me know what you think in the comments!
And if you end up signing up for a box of your own, make sure to mention my name/blog!



    1. Leggings! I LOVE leggings! I think it’s too hot right now for me to think of wearing them with this shirt. I’m totally going to try some on with it before I make my final decision. Good idea!

  1. So my thought is only keep the first one. I do like the dress on you, but if you’ll never wear it becuause it’s not you, it’s not worth it. And I totally feel the same about midi skirts…I think they just don’t work on us short stuffs!

    1. I’m wondering if something with more of a print or design on it would work, or if I wore it higher up, like on my waist? (Not this one, obviously, but just a midi skirt in general). I want to like them! I’m still torn about the teal shirt, but I’m definitely keeping the first one!

  2. First of all very cool to see they have a company for 10 and up! The first top and the blue top looked great on you!! Have you looked into the capsule wardrobes? I’ve been narrowing my closet down and love how it’s working so far!

    1. Yup! At the beginning of last month I completely purged my closet! I was fed up with looking in there and having nothing that fit or that I didn’t feel comfortable wearing. I basically kept my maxi skirts, maternity pants, and nursing tops. Then I heard of this company. I don’t have time (or the energy) to go shopping these days, so I like that the clothes come to me now! Plus, they’re good quality, so if I love it, I’ll add it to my small wardrobe. I’m slowly rebuilding it 🙂

  3. Omgsh I LOVE that dress on you!!! It seems more like an “occasion” dress that you may not wear as often, but it’s always great to have a good-fitting “wear anywhere” type of dress in your closet!!

  4. The first top is so cute!
    I like that dress, paired with some wedges and you’d look great! (not that you didn’t look great in the pics :P)

  5. I like the shirts and could handle the slightly longer length in the back, I think it looks good. I’m with you on the dress, too. When I did Stitch Fix, I said if I was even hesitant on anything, it was going back. Because then I would be hesitant at home too!

  6. Love the first shirt! It looks great and you look so comfortable in it! The dress also looks so good, if you have somewhere you could wear it, you should totally keep it!!

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