Goals Update: April—June

Is anyone else freaking out that we’re already halfway through the year? Seriously, how is it July already? I’ve really slacked on my goals the past three months, but in all fairness, I still wanted to write an update. If I’ve learned one thing it’s that even though I’ve put off some of the things below, I can always start them up again.

Just to recap, these were my goals (click the here for a more detailed explanation):

  1. Project 365
  2. Lose the Baby Weight
  3. Read 10 Books
  4. Make a Cleaning Schedule
  5. Intentionally Make Time for Myself
  6. Spend More Time With My Husband
  7. Read My Devotional
  8. Keep up With The Blog

Recapping goals from April-June


1. Project 365

Total fail on this goal, but I’m not upset about it. Taking a photo every day actually takes more dedication and commitment than you may think. Some days I don’t take a single picture and then other days I take dozens. Although, honestly, the fact that my phone is constantly out of storage hinders my photo-taking capabilities. (New phone coming in two weeks and I’m beyond excited!)

2. Lose the Baby Weight

YES! I’ve been rocking this one—go me! I’m currently down 14.4 pounds, and I’m averaging a weight loss of a pound a week, which is what’s recommended for nursing mamas. I still haven’t started working out (soon, I promise), but Weight Watchers is certainly working for me right now. I was really worried about my supply dropping, but judging by the delicious rolls on my baby, my milk is holding up nicely. I’m actually thinking about writing a post about Weight Watchers for the nursing mom—would anyone be interested in that?

3. Read 10 Books

Bam—I totally surpassed this goal, which is a HUGE shock to me. I believe I’m at 12 books read so far. I knocked out The Precious One by Marisa de los Santos, and the last Butternut Lake trilogy, Moonlight on Butternut Lake by Mary McNear. Both were great. Marisa de los Santos is a phenomenal writer, and I just eat up everything she writes. The Butternut trilogy was a nice “beach” read, if you will.

Still on my list of books to read: The Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner and All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr (this has been highly recommended and I already own it, so I just need to read it).

4. Make a Cleaning Schedule

Our cleaning lady is still coming every 2-3 weeks—best thing ever, I tell ya—and (almost) every Tuesday afternoon, Julia and I pick up trash around the house for trash day the next day. She also helps me unload the dishwasher. I’ve been sweeping different parts of the house on random days (because my dog sheds an extraordinary amount in the summer and if I don’t, well…gross). <— basically that’s all still true, and the same from last time. Heh, except that I totally forgot to pick up trash yesterday. Whoops.

5. Intentionally Make Time for Myself

This summer has worked out really well in this department so far. The fact that I’m writing this proves that, because there’s a sitter over here watching Julia and Maddie right now so I can get some work done. It’s a little tough to cram everything I need to do work-wise into a short time block only a couple of days a week, but I’m sort of making it work. I’ve started feeling more comfortable leaving Maddie “alone,” because I realized that she’s not going to die if I’m not there to feed her the second she gets hungry. It’s not like I’ll be away for hours—if I go somewhere I leave minutes after I nurse her so I have the most time possible. She’s actually started taking a bottle, which is AMAZING. We need to keep at it, though, so she doesn’t “forget” about taking on. Oh! And I may go get a pedicure next week. I haven’t had one since January, so I don’t think I need to tell you how excited I am for that.

6. Spend More Time with my Husband

Eh, honestly, I don’t think we do very well at this. We did go out on a date last month, and it was wonderful…but there was a third wheel tagging along: our baby. The restaurant was in the town over, and it was a fairly long meal, and at the time she wasn’t taking a bottle, so she came along with us. It was still nice to get out, and I think we need to do it more often. Having a baby that has a hard time going to sleep at night makes it hard for us to actually go out right now.

7. Read My Devotional

Big time fail. I almost don’t have anything to say about this, because I feel so bad about not being in the word lately. Even going to church is on the backseat lately, because our Sunday mornings as a family have been so lovely. We all pile into the bed and stay in our pajamas way too long. It’s hard to get out when it’s sometimes our only day as a family to actually be together, ya know?

8. Keep up with the Blog

Still going strong here! I’m making a big effort to post three days a week. Since my last update I also switched to Wordpress AND got a new design that I installed myself. Those are huge changes, and I’m happy I took the leap. I’m still learning a lot about WP and my new theme, but so far it’s working out. I also re-opened sponsorship (use the code BANBANG for 20% off), and I’m excited for what the future holds as far as this blog goes.

Long update short: I could do better at a few of my goals, but I’m not going to stress over it. Life is messy and sometimes mundane, so you have to just let things flow and get into a routine for a while. In the coming weeks I’ll try being more aware of the things above, but I won’t push it.

Did you make goals at the beginning of the year? How are they holding up?


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  1. I’ve heard the book The Fringe Hours is so good! It’s on my summer reading list 🙂 and YAY for making alone time a priority- after 4 kids i’m just figuring this out.

  2. Way to go with WW!!!
    I went to a Christian high school and I remember hearing about people that could not make it into services listening as a family at home via the radio, also the church my family attended would record the services and make tapes for people unable to come in for various reasons and personally that always sounded preferable to me! I like you enjoy a nice family Sunday in, eating breakfast in a leisurely manner and just being together in a easy relaxed way other days of the week do not provide.

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