What’s In My Clutch

I showed you what I carry about in my diaper bag when the three of us are out on the town, but now it’s time to show you what’s in my clutch when it’s just me heading out of the house. If I have the opportunity to leave—without the kiddos—you better believe I want to carry minimal baggage. (Although, let’s be honest: I can count the number of times I’ve been alone in the past four months on one hand.)

If I have the opportunity to leave—without the kids—you better believe I want to take minimal baggage with me. Here's what's in my clutch!

Since I just gave away my secret (that I don’t go out alone often), I’ll tell you when I do use my clutch: I use it if I’m going to the market. I pop the kids in the stroller and leave my purse in the car, transferring over the essentials into my clutch. I also use it when we’re going to the pool. If I’m already taking a huge beach bag, holding a toddler’s hand, and carrying a baby, I certainly don’t have more room to carry a purse on top of that. On the off-chance that my husband and I go out for a date, I take the with me on that, too—no baby with us means no diapers at dinner, which means no need to haul around a big ol’ purse! You can also see me with my clutch if I’m wearing the baby and just popping in somewhere—there’s no need to take the whole shebang in with me if she’s going to sleep the whole time. A clutch is the way to go.

So what’s in my clutch? As much stuff as I can stuff inside, of course!

If I have the opportunity to leave—without the kids—you better believe I want to take minimal baggage with me. Here's what's in my clutch!

My iPhone

My phone goes with me everywhere, so you better believe it’s going in my clutch. You guys, I’m eligible for a phone upgrade this month. Do you know what that means? It means this mama’s going to be one happy camper. Ever since I—ahem—dropped it in the ocean, it hasn’t been working to its full potential. I can’t wait to have an awesome working camera phone again!


I feel lost when I don’t have chapstick with me, so I love that this little guy fits into the tiny zippered pocket in the front. I leave it in there so I always have one with me. My lips practically cry if I forget to bring one alone.


I’m a minimalist when it comes to makeup, but this little stick is my BFF. It’s called “Black Honey” by Clinique, and I love the shade and how tiny it is. I always pop it into my clutch, especially if I’m out alone since it makes me feel a little more put together.


Eh, this is a boring item, but let’s be honest: keys are a must-have if you’re going anywhere. Actually, what’s not boring is the little vespa key chain I have on my key-fob. I bought it in a cool little store on the Amalfi Coast, only I recently discovered that the handlebars on the vespa broke off, which makes me pretty sad.

The Cards

Credit, Target, and Starbucks—my three favorite cards. They all have a place in my clutch, for necessary reasons. By the way, my Target doesn’t have a Starbucks in it, which makes me extremely sad. On the flip side, my wallet (and husband) are probably thankful for that since I’d probably spend even more time there.

If I have the opportunity to leave—without the kids—you better believe I want to take minimal baggage with me. Here's what's in my clutch!

Girly Stuff

Let’s get real here for a hot second: after you’ve had a baby, Aunt Flo likes to  make a visit, sometimes without notice. It’s extremely rude of her, but I refuse to be out and about without a backup plan. Enter the Tampax Pocket Pearl from Target. This handy little tampon sits snug in my clutch’s back pocket, and its funky design means I can find it easily. Also, can I just say that I’m extremely thankful that it’s a full-size applicator? Good things come in small packages, my friends!

A Snack

I’m a breastfeeding mama who is always hungry. You don’t want to be near me if I’m hungry, because then I become a hangry mama, and it’s not pretty. I keep a stash of these bars in my pantry and restock my purse and clutch as needed.

Hand sanitizer

Travel-sized hand sanitizer was practically made for moms on the go, don’t you think? I love that the Target brand has yummy scents—I’m totally digging their “Kiwi Punch” scent right now.

So that’s what’s in my clutch! Do you carry around a smaller purse or a clutch when you go out? What do you store inside?

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  1. Yep, looks about right! I’ve got my clutch of important stuff thrown in my giant purse which seems to me nothing but crap – makes sense, right?

  2. What a great idea to carry a clutch with necessities instead of a purse! I carry a huge purse…which means I can carry A LOT of junk. My kids constantly sneak their treasures into my purse when I am not looking. I have found everything in my purse, from a pinecone to trash to a lone sock. I will be implementing your idea soon. I can’t believe something so simple has never occurred to me!

    1. My mom actually was the one who inspired me to start using a little purse more often. She bought a purple version of the clutch/bag shown in the post, and I went out and got the mint color! It’s so nice to not carry anything some days!

  3. Love this! I was actually thinking of doing my own post “What’s in my purse”. I always have a snack with me or I get a headache!

  4. You sure cram a lot of stuff in there, haha. I’m just lazy and bring my regular purse everywhere… that is full of even more stuff. I should probably go clean that out….

    1. haha I’ve gotta cram stuff to make up for the fact that i’m not taking my giant purse! Sometimes I feel all naked carrying such a little thing, though!

  5. I love carrying just a clutch (when I’m actually alone)! I always get a wallet clutch so that I can use it as a wallet and add the strap when I am alone!

  6. I typically carry a medium-sized purse, but if I’m going to a concert or somewhere for the day, I carry my Vera Bradley cross body bag that has a built-in wallet and just toss in my cell phone, keys, a mirror, some lipgloss and hand sanitizer.

  7. First off, Cute bag! And thank you for sharing. Looks like you have the essentials! I couldn’t carry a bag this small lol I carry to much junk with me. Great idea!

  8. I have a ridiculous bag ‘system’–a big zippy wallet, much like your clutch, that I can fit my phone in if I just want to grab something quick (or am wearing baby). Then I have a small Vera Bradley purse that looks good with anything. I can fit that purse either in my work tote that also fits my lunch bag and book, or on the weekends I move it to the diaper bag. So including the lunch bag, that’s like 5 bags happening all at once. LOL.

    I really like that mint clutch, though!!

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