One month of summer down, one(ish) month to go. We can do this!

Thankfully, July month went by fairly quickly, and I’m certain August will fly by. I have a lot of things on my plate for this month: Julia starts preschool (or, like, pre-pre-preschool), MOPS starts up again (YAY!), and I’ll start gearing up for our road-trip back home. Yup, we’re hitting the road come September and going back to New Mexico for a couple of months. I have big plans for posts while I’m home, so I hope you’re ready to see my favorite state featured a little more here.

I like doing this post at the beginning of the month—it’s like starting with a clean, refreshing slate!

Currently a blank slate

I’m Currently…

…totally blown away with your responses to my readers’ survey. I have to be honest; I was expecting maybe 10 responses, or 25 if I was really lucky. Well, I’m getting close to having 100 entries so far. That’s just crazy! The best part is that I finally have some data for this site. Now I know what you guys like and don’t like, how you “do business” online, and all sorts of good stuff. I’m sort of kicking myself for not doing this sooner, but I’m glad I did it now. I almost wish I asked a few more questions, but I wanted to keep it as short and easy as possible. I also wish I left an option for you to leave your name, because some of you left some really sweet responses, and I’d love to have a name to go with the response. If you haven’t taken the survey yet, I’d truly be grateful if you took the time to respond. (Take the reader survey here!)

…reading nothing. I just finished reading All the Light we Cannot See, so now I need to start another book. I’m actually not sure how I felt about that book. I liked it and it captivated me, but I feel like the ending just sort of ended. I was expecting more, maybe? There’s more I want to say about it, but I don’t want to give anything away if you haven’t read it—maybe we can have an email confab to chat about it. Now that I finished that book and had some time to digest it, I need something new to read. What are you reading? What should I read next?

Mops: a time to flourish

…excited for MOPS to start again! Our local group kicks off  with its first meeting next week, and I’m pumped. I’m the publicity leader this year, and on top of giving our local blog a complete makeover, I’ve tried my hand in a few graphic design to make different marketing tools for the group. It’s a volunteer position, but I’m so happy I’m part of the group, and I’m loving the friendships I’m building because of MOPS.

Ladies, check and see if you have a MOPS group in your area and get involved! Curious about what MOPS is? Here’s a little info about it:

Whether you’re a stay-at-home, working, city, country, adoptive, special-needs, single, or married mom, MOPS is for you!

We’re a group of local moms who get together twice a month, and we encourage each another through all the ups and downs of motherhood over brunch. Childcare is provided for the little ones and there is always plenty of food and coffee on tap! 

Being a mom is challenging and it’s sometimes a very lonely job. If you’re a mom of a little one (pregnancy through kindergarten), and long for some “grown-up” time, then we’d love to have you!

…trying not to cry. In the past week we kicked Madilyn out of our room and into her sister’s room, so now both girls are roomies. We also spontaneously decided to give Julia a big-girl bed, and she’s been sleeping in it for the past few nights. My little girls are growing up so fast! It hasn’t been long enough to tell how the room sharing is going—some nights are fine, and other nights are…not so fine (because Maddie’s still working on figuring out how to calm herself back to sleep on her own) and I need all the coffee the next day. 

watching Food Network Star, and I’m really sad Dom left. He was my favorite, and I think he’d be excellent if he just had a cooking show. He was wonderful when he just talked about his food, but when they gave him a time limit to “perform,” he failed. His personality, though, when he wasn’t trying to be what they wanted from him, is totally star-worthy. #BringBackDom

Keep your passport close at all times!

…thinking about the future. It’s that time again where we can start working on our “dream sheet” for the military. If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s basically a list of where in the world we’d like to go. You basically list out your desired bases, and then you wait for actual list of open opportunities to come out. Then, if a place and job matches up with what’s on your list, you get to go there! JUST KIDDING. It’s totally not that simple. Basically, making your dream sheet lets you think that you have some control over where you’re going, but really it’s just a way to start getting your hopes up by letting you think you may actually get what’s on your list. Sometimes you completely and totally luck out (and get to go to Italy), and other times you get orders to Georgia even though it wasn’t even on your list. Long story short: we’re torn on if we should try to go back overseas or stay closer to home and try to move out west. So many pros and cons.

…avoiding freaking out. We had two amazing babysitters and they both moved last week. One moved up north to Massachusetts for graduate school and the other moved to the next town north of here. We can definitely still use her if we go on date nights in that town, but during the day won’t really be feasible. Now I need to start the grueling search for someone wonderful to watch our girls. I’m part of, so I just need to get on there and start looking again. Finding someone to watch your little ones is SO hard.

eating snacks. We went through two boxes of these in less than a week. Good thing there’s a coupon for them. I also found these at Target, and oh man, they’re so good. I went back today and bought some maple and classic varieties.

…getting “swole” and making “gains.” Oh, please tell me you’ve heard that phrase, because I feel like a complete tool just writing it. Apparently, according to guys my husband deployed with, it means you’re working out and getting fit. With that said, I’m actually really, really enjoying my morning walks lately. Getting the girls up and out of the house (before I’ve even had coffee some days) is a really nice way to start the day.

…enjoying my new toy. Our two-year phone contract finally came to an end, so that means I could upgrade my phone! My old phone’s been showing me a “full storage” message for months, and if I wanted to take pictures I had to delete 20 just to take one new one. Now, I bumped up the storage capacity on my new iPhone 6, and I *gasp* deleted* all of my pictures so I could start fresh.

*Don’t worry, I saved the photos in three different places before I deleted** them.
**I also couldn’t bring myself to actually delete them; I had to have my husband press the button.

…loving my family. ’nuff said.

family ice cream time

In Case You Missed It

Did you know I write for places besides this blog? Yup, sure do. Here are some posts I wrote last month:

I hope you all have a great week!



  1. I kinda feel the same way about our move! I have a list of places I want Fredrik has his and then there is the big factor of where we can get work so still not 100% on which city we will soon call home!

  2. GO OVERSEAS! GO OVERSEAS! GO OVERSEAS! My sailor is nearing his 20-year mark, and though we’ve tried several times, going overseas was never available to us. We have both agreed that that is our ONE regret with his military career. (Plus I love reading blogs by people who live in amazing places! 😉 )

    1. Overseas is definitely at the top of our minds, but after living overseas once (in Italy with the Air Force) we know how much we missed having our kid(s) grow up near family. It’s hard knowing that we could live just a few hours away from family instead of a literal day+ worth of plane travel (and TONS of money) to have our kids grow up seeing their grandparents. But, this could be a second-in-a-lifetime opportunity! We definitely have some pros and cons to figure out.

      1. We were stunned to get an assignment to Italy after our tour in England – it came out of NOWHERE. But it is so cool to be in Europe! Once I maxed out on Target, discovered that Five Guys was the only food as good as I remembered and OD’d on family drama, moving back was exciting. We’ve only been here for 7 weeks and I’m sure I’ll miss my family soon, but I’m over the moon that my kids will be in Italian preschool and have so many incredible opportunities that they would never have in the US (ski school in the Alps among them, thanks MWR!)

        1. I’m SO happy to hear that you’re enjoying it out there. I was/am worried that after being back here for a little bit the transition would be somewhat rough. We’re looking at going to Germany (putting it at the top of the list, at least), but if we go to Italy I think he’d try to go to a NATO base a few hours from where we lived last time. Only nervous since it’s not actually near a base (is that similar to what you guys are doing now?)

          1. It is! There are certainly some special challenges to it, but overall it is very cool to be totally immersed in Italy. Letting go of the crutches I’m used to is an adjustment — no commissary runs! — but it’s a good thing. Plus, the area we live in is really beautiful!

  3. I said I’d never do it, but I’m totally going with the larger storage space option the next time I upgrade my iPhone. I’m so tired of deleting a ton of photos just to take one new pic! Also, I discovered the other day that iPhones store your deleted photos for 30 days after you delete them, which is why your storage space doesn’t immediately free up. I emptied my deleted photos folder, and now I have a bunch of space! You know, for the next couple of months, anyway. 🙂

    1. I hear ya! I had a system down to a science for deleting my pictures. Upload to cloud, export to desktop folder, copy over to external hard drive, delete from phone, then delete from the “recently deleted” folder. All. The. Time! The worst is when I’d really want to record something and get 3 seconds into it before it’d tell me I was out of space 🙁

  4. I need summer to slow down, its going by way to fast for me! I also agree that I miss Dom on FNS…maybe he’ll win Star Salvation and come back!!! That would be amazing! I just watched last night’s episdoe, I think they need to kick Arnold off next lol

  5. I hear you on losing good babysitters. Our babysitter of 5 years is going off to college in 3 weeks and I am so sad. Good luck with your wish list. I have two friends with husbands in the coast guard and both of them have moved away and I am so sad.

  6. I delete my photos all the time! I upload them and then delete delete delete. Though I keep some special ones… the good ones. So I can look back on my phone!

  7. I’m so glad you did a survey and its on my list to do one this month! (probably the end of the month… if I’m being realistic). And I actually really liked All the Light We cannot See, but I can see how you feel… it does just sort of end. Have you read The Nightingale? I really LOVED that one!

    1. I haven’t read that one yet, so I’ll put it on my list. I need a new book to read ASAP! I’m LOVING the results from my survey. It’s nice to be on the same page as my readers. I only wish I asked for peoples’ names (optional, of course), because I had so many wonderful responses and I’d like to know who said what!

  8. I so agree about Dom. I get that he didn’t have the “star quality” they were looking for, but he was really great when he just relaxed. I think when he’s away from the pressure he does well!

  9. How do you feel about All the Light We Cannot See now that you’ve had time to digest? I absolutely loved it and would love to hear another take on it!

    1. So, I think I need to read the last few chapters again, because I’m still a little disappointed in it. BUT I may have read through the end too quickly, so maybe I missed something?

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