Dia&Co Reveal (August box)

My third Dia&Co box arrived earlier this week, and I couldn’t wait to open it. It showed up just before Julia went down for her nap, and she kept saying, “Mama present, mama present!” Yup, getting a package in the mail is seriously like receiving a present.

I was even more excited about this particular box, because I had high hopes that it’d contain two things I asked for: pants and something bohemian. I’m finally ready to start venturing outside of my trusty maternity pants, but the thought of going jean shopping is terrifying. Want to see if the jeans they sent worked out for me? Keep on reading to find out!

A little info about Dia&Co:
Dia&Co specializes in fitting women who wear a size 10 and up. Basically, you fill out a style profile, pay a $20 styling fee, and then your stylist sends you five items. You have five days to try everything on and get a feel for it, then you send what you don’t want back. Then, they’ll deduct that twenty bucks from the price of anything you decide to keep. Sweet deal, right?


So back to this month’s Dia&Co box…I promise one of these days I’ll actually put more effort into these pictures. But when we take them at the last possible second at the end of the day, I have zero desire to pull out different accessories and other pairs of pants/shoes to go with the shirts. Honestly, you’re lucky I dug up a bra since I typically always wear my nursing tank! You all know I’m not a fashion blogger, so that’s some real life for you. 

Here’s my third Dia&Co reveal:

Item 1: Junarose Sheer Chevron 3/4-inch Sleeve Top, $60


My thoughts:
I liked it okay. I’d have to wear a shirt underneath (which I didn’t in the photo—whoops), because it’s a bit sheer, even though there are two layers. It also didn’t do much for my figure since it’s just one color. The chevron print is subtle, and nice, but if I wore this, I’d have to really accessorize with a long necklace or something. I don’t think I love this one.

Sending back.

Item 2: Emma & Michele Abstract Pastel Print Dress, $68


My thoughts:
I like dresses, but I think I really need to get out of this style of dress. It’s the material that throws me off—that thicker polyester/nylon material that I’m sure some women adore, but I need something more casual, less hot (cotton, maybe?), and something that I can wear often. This just doesn’t do it for me. There’s no shape to it on me, so it does nothing for my curves, and the colors are just all wrong. I think I’d like something that flows more, is a more on the casual side, but still trendy.

Sending back.

Item 3: Lucky Brand Short-Sleeved Embroidered V-Neck Top, $79

My thoughts:
I was so excited to try this top when I saw it in the bunch. I almost like it, but I don’t love it. And for almost $80, I have to love it. It has that bohemian style I’ve been wanting to try, but it also has elastic at the bottom, so it does like a bubble effect on me, which is no bueno. It’s also sheer again, which isn’t a bad thing since I almost always—95% of the time, except for these pictures—wear a shirt underneath. Still, what it comes down to is that I don’t love it.
Sending back .

Item 4: Levi’s Bootcut Jeans in Medium Wash, $69.50


My thoughts:
You have no idea how much I want to love these. I mean, I do love them, it’s just that….sigh…they don’t fit. At all. It’s my own fault. I changed the size on my style profile based off one pair of (stretched out) jeans I have at home, and the fact that the skirts I have are starting to get big on me. Yay for losing weight, but boo for not losing enough yet, because these don’t come close to buttoning. It’s a huge, huge shame, because I like these a lot. They’re really comfy in all the right places, they stretchy—which is super nice when you’re used to a lot of elastic clothes—and I think they make my legs and butt look nice. Sadly, I feel like I need to lose several more inches before these will fit properly.

Sadly sending back.

Item 5: Casual Couture Layered tank in Navy, $78

PicMonkey Collage

My thoughts:
My initial thought is that this shirt is weird. When I put it on I initially didn’t like it, because of the two-textures and different lengths it has going on. But then I put it on and my husband really liked it, and I think it looks half decent in the photos. However, I don’t know if I like it enough for $80.

Sending back. 

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So, if you’re keeping track, I received five items, and I’m sending back….five items. I’m really, really bummed about that I’m not keeping anything, but I want to love everything in my closet these days. I also think the price-point was on the high side this time. Unless I was totally head over heels for something, there’s no way I’d pay $80 for one particular item. If those jeans fit, I probably would’ve splurged, because jean shopping is up there with bra shopping—it takes forever, and it’s basically the worst since you’re stuck in a fitting room forever getting sweaty trying on clothes. But I digress. I’m hopefully I’ll find something in next month’s box that I love!

So that’s my Dia&Co box reveal this month. Let me know what you think in the comments!
And if you end up signing up for a box of your own, make sure to mention my name/blog!



  1. Aw, I’m so sad nothing worked for you this time! Hopefully the next one. For the record, I did like the navy top…. but I wouldn’t pay that much either!

    1. I think if I worked in an office, or had some place to wear the navy one more often, I would’ve kept it. But just for a once-in-awhile piece, it was too much money.

  2. Can I just say that I love that you do this? So many people get Stitchfix boxes. I’ve thought about it, but everyone who gets them are like standard 6/8 sizes. I am not that, so I never ordered. Have you tried belts with the dresses? They always help with the fit and give me somewhat of a waist.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. When I did that readers’ survey most of the people said they want to see less of these “style” posts. But then I was thinking about it and realized I don’t see near enough bigger bloggers (who are really probably more average-size) showing what they wear. I’m absolutely by no means a fashion/style blogger (which is blatantly obvious), but I’m excited about getting new clothes just like any other girl! And back to your question about belts: yup, I love wearing belts with dresses, but this dress just didn’t cut it.

  3. I’m a new reader. I saw your guest post on beingmrsbeer.com, and I really like your blog. I like this type of post a lot. I agree that all of the items were on the high side. I only buy things that I love, and that explains why I have very few clothes compared to most people. If I don’t love it, it will sit in my closet. I am also plus-sized and am losing weight as well. My jeans are also old and stretched out. I have to buy some new ones soon, and I think I’m going to try Lee at JCPenney. I hate that store, but they sell boot leg “no gap,” so I’m going to go and see what I can find!

  4. I’m sorry tour box was disappointing! They all looked cute to me 🙂 but I totally understand about needing to LOVE something to keep it.

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