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Itzy Ritzy Nursing Scarf Review (+ Giveaway)

Happy Monday, y’all! I’ve got something pretty cool in store for you today, because it includes three of my favorite things: breastfeeding, scarves, and Target. Now, even if you’re not a mom, I have a feeling you’re a fan of Target and probably know of at least one new mama or pregnant lady in your life, so you’re definitely going to want to read this post and enter the giveaway at the bottom. To celebrate the launch of their nursing scarves now stocked in Target stores nationwide, Itzy Ritzy sent me a scarf to try out, and I’m definitely a big fan.

The Itzy Ritzy nursing scarf is fashionable to wear every day, and convenient and comfortable enough to wear while breastfeeding your baby. Win/win!

The Itzy Ritzy Nursing Scarf

It’s National Breastfeeding Month, so I’m really excited to talk to you about this product. Nursing Happens: Infinity Breastfeeding Scarf by Itzy Ritzy is the bees knees. It’s lightweight, super soft, the designs are stylish, modern, and perfect for accessorizing; you can find them at Target in the baby section, and they’re multi-functional since you can wear it as a scarf and use it as a nursing cover. Talk about perfect!

The Itzy Ritzy nursing scarf is fashionable to wear every day, and convenient and comfortable enough to wear while breastfeeding your baby. Win/win!

I’m usually fine with not using a cover when I nurse my baby, but I know not everyone is comfortable with that, and I totally respect their decision. I wrote a post awhile back called Why I (Do and Don’t) Whip it Out, and while it’s still all true, I’ve noticed myself covering up a little more this time around. When I’m, say, around my husband’s coworkers, or if I’m wearing something that doesn’t cover me up as much as I’d like (because it’s the summer and the hotter it gets, the less I want to wear).

Speaking of summer: I tried this out in 100-degree weather, and we were both sweating by the time she finished nursing, but that would happen with any cover—I just don’t want you to think that it’ll feel like you’re in an air-conditioned room while using it.

Typically if I’m covering up, I grab whatever is handy (a burp cloth, a napkin off the table, spare pair of baby pants, or I’ve even pulled my hair over to one side) to cover up my exposed breast. That’s why I’m really, really in love with this Itzy Ritzy nursing scarf, especially as the weather will start cooling off. I’ve definitely used a scarf to help me cover up before, but this one is extra handy, because it opens up and covers your side and back.

The Itzy Ritzy nursing scarf is fashionable to wear every day, and convenient and comfortable enough to wear while breastfeeding your baby. Win/win!

An Itzy Ritzy Nursing Scarf PLUS $50 Target gift card GIVEAWAY!

So yeah, awesome product, right?! Now for the really fun part! Itzy Ritzy is celebrating their new Target launch by offering one of my readers a breastfeeding scarf AND a $50 Target gift card. Like I mentioned up above, even if you’re not a mom yourself (or have no need for a nursing scarf)—enjoy the Target shopping spree and give the scarf to a new mom—she’ll love you for it! To enter, check out the options below, and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Which Itzy Ritzy nursing scarf design to you like the most?
And what in the world would you buy with an extra 50 bucks to spend at Target? 


  1. Even though I’m not a mother, I love to read about the experiences other ladies have so that when the time comes, I can say, “Oh, yeah Jessica Lynn had this scarf on her blog that was great for nursing. I should find that.” Anyway thanks for the giveaway opportunity. I know exactly which new Mom to gift that scarf if I get it. By the way, I loved the SEASIDE STRIPE TURQUOISE scarf the most. Thanks!

  2. Yay!! Another breastfeeding momma and blogger! Beautiful pics 🙂 I haven’t been successful with any covers because my baby just pulls them off, but this seems like it may work. I like how light-weight it is.

  3. I love the chevron patterns! Pink kiss is super cute. What a neat thing this is, thanks for sharing about it! I hated my nursing cover, and I like that this one has an element of style to it. Plus it’s one less thing in the diaper bag. I’m a fellow New Mexico momma – happy to read your blog!

  4. I thought about buying one, but I ended up having to stop bfing my daughter a couple months ago. Bet its super handy though!

  5. I’m a first time expecting mother and I am so excited! I think it’s genius to create products that work for both mom and baby! Thanks for introducing me to this product!

  6. I just had my second baby boy 12 days ago and I am very committed to breastfeeding, I also struggled nursing with my first. I love the nursing scarfs! They are all beautiful but I really like the seaside stripe in teal.

  7. Love the seaside stripe turquoise! They are all so cute! Thanks! Would love to win to breastfeed my fourth baby due in February 🙂

  8. I love the pink kiss chevron pattern. I had actually been thinking about getting a nursing scarf lately because I usually wear pull-down nursing tops and it’s a lot of skin showing.

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