Madilyn Rose (six months)

Here we are, another month older. As I’m writing this, Madilyn is inch-worming between my legs, trying to get to an orange link (her current favorite toy) on the other side of my feet. I plop her down on her tush several feet away from me, and she’s right back over in a matter of seconds. She’s just so fast and so ready to grow up, but I’m not ready for either quite yet. 

Madilyn Rose is six months old


Dear Maddie-Roo,
I was looking at pictures before you were born the other day and it was strange to not have you in them. You just fit in with our family so perfectly, that not seeing you in our photos made me a little sad. On the bright side, I get to see your beautiful face every day, and I love that you’re here now. What else do I love? I love that if I start laughing, you start giggling; I love that if one of us starts babbling, you start babbling, and I especially love that when I walk over to you, you lift your little chubby arms so I can pick you up.

I love watching you play with toys—your sister was never into any toys, so it’s nice to see that they’re finally getting used. By the way, I’m sorry she takes your toys away while you’re playing with them. That’s not very nice of her, but I’m thankful you get over it pretty quickly. We’ll keep working on the “sharing” concept with her a little more.

You’re definitely getting eager to start moving around, and I’m not really prepared for how quickly you get from point A to point B—your inch-worming skills are pretty great. I still picture you as my little newborn, so sometimes I’m startled when I see you acting almost like a grown baby. You’re also doing fairly well at rooming with your sister—I’m just happy she can sleep through your middle of the night cries.

Love you, little Squishy!

Madilyn Rose is six months old

Dear Baby Giggle Face,
How’s it going? It’s been a big month for you! You started eating real food, your ability to sit—and not fall horrifically into the ground—has progressed nicely, and you moved into your big sisters room! All in all, it’s been pretty crazy four weeks. Starting off with the food: I wish that I could take all the credit, but your mama has really been spearheading it. I’d do more, but well, you spit. A lot. You get really excited when food goes into your mouth and then you raspberry it alllllllllllllllllllllllll out. Then you giggle and look for us to give you more.  On the plus side, you actually like the food (even the pureed chicken?! Seriously girl) which is pretty neat.

As for rooming with your big sis?  So far it hasn’t been too bad.  You cry and she soothes you, she cries and you join in for funsies.  All in all, it’s not bad.  Really!  I mean I’m sure at some point you girls are going to start one of your famous screaming matches at 2 am and it’s going to end up with 5 people/dogs crying, but for right now, I’ll call this a win.

Lastly, the sitting.  Not too shabby, but here’s the thing, now that you are mobile – here’s a couple of tips.  One, go forward.  It’ll help you from getting stuck again.  Two? Bella’s rump.  Now, I spent years teaching Julia to stay away from the nubbing nub of a tail, and I thought that she would impart that wisdom onto you.  She has not, so here it is again.  Dog butts are not for grabbing, smelling, playing with, etc.

Love you!
Your Papa

maddie collage

family ice cream time

Maddie, Maddie Roo, Rooski, Sister Maddie, Mad, Mads, Squishy

Laughing, mimicking people, talking/babbling, getting tickled, blowing raspberries, gnawing on your Sophie and links—you love the links, spitting out your food, eating avocado

Being over-tired, when your sister steals your toys, when you topple over from a seated position

Inch-worming around (is that a milestone?!) Moving in with your sister! You two are officially roommates now.

You’re a whopping 16 pounds, 11 ounces, and 26 inches tall. 

Clothing Size:
Six-month clothes are definitely getting snug, and most 9-month clothes fit, except for your jammies, those are little long on you still.

Eh. I put you down around 6:30 or 7 (because you refuse to nap after your last nap around 3pm, and you’re straight-up exhausted by then), and then you wake up to eat again around 11. Then you’re up to eat again at 3 am, and depending on how exhausted I am (hint: very), I usually bring you back to our bed then and feed you laying down so I can go back to sleep. Then you either get up at 5, 6 or 7 am. The nights are long. I’m just thankful your papa makes coffee in the morning before he leaves for work.

Random Tidbits:
You’re just delightful.

maddie collage



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