Confessions of a Mama

It’s time to get a few things off my chest, because my life is far from perfect. I actually think “Confessions of a Mama” would be a pretty fun series or a neat monthly link-up. I know I like hearing that I’m not the only one who goes through similar things like these (unless I am the only one and then…well, just please don’t judge me). Thoughts?

Becasue real life isn't perfect. Real life is a little messy, and that makes it perfect.

This mama confesses that…

…My husband and I slept with a Maddie-induced poop stain between us on our bed for much, much longer than we should have. (To be fair, I had just changed and washed the sheets—seriously, the new ones hadn’t even been on the bed long enough for them to cool off, when a poop explosion happened. And, of course, it was right before we had to leave the house, so it just took a little lot longer than is probably socially acceptable before we finally gave in and changed the sheets.)

…The TV IS the babysitter around here some days. And I’ve gotta tell ya, I like some of the things Daniel Tiger is teaching my daughter.

…I actually like McDonald’s food. I know, I know, but it tastes really good.

toddler taking a "picture" of a baby

…My toddler completely embarrassed me in Target the other day. So, you know my pee pads? (Definitely click that link and read the post if you haven’t read it before) Well, she calls them “mama diapers.” So, we were walking the aisles at Target and she spots my pee pads on an end-cap and starts talking, loudly, about how we need to go down that aisle to get Mama diapers. I was so, so embarrassed.

…I just had my first pedicure since January. I went six months without pampering my feet and I vow to never let that happen again. I need to treat myself every once in a while, because when I paint my own toes, it doesn’t come with a massage.

…I’m .4 pounds away from hitting my pre-Maddie weight! Point FOUR! I’m currently down 18.6 pounds since starting Weight Watchers, and I really can’t wait to hit that first goal. I’m crossing my fingers it’ll happen next week. Once I hit that then I need five more to get to the pre-Julia weight. Let’s do it!

…Last week I wore real jeans out in the world for the first time in more than a year. (“Real,” as in: they had an actual button, zipper, and they didn’t have a maternity panel.) #NonScaleVictory

blending in the bedroom so you don't wake the baby

…I took our blender into our bedroom the other day and blended something on my dresser, because I didn’t want to wake up the baby (who was napping next to the kitchen).

…I spent $5 on a protein “bistro” from Starbucks. Clearly, three bucks went towards having the word “bistro” in the name, but I was starving, and it was worth every penny.

…I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with how to balance everything lately. A lot of things I’ve prayed for—work-wise—are starting to fall into place, but it’s leaving me feeling really frazzled. I know I need to trust that things will work out as far as child care. It’s hard being mom, writer, wife, cook, housekeeper, and everything else all rolled into one day. I just need to figure out a plan and a new routine/schedule and I think things will get a little less crazy. I want to do it all, and I think I can, it just needs to happen in a different way.

…For the first time in a while, I woke up after the kids yesterday. I heard them over the monitor; they weren’t crying or asking repeatedly for, “Mama, but were actually talking and laughing with each other. Maddie was babbling and Julia was responding with, “Blah, blah, blah. La, la la.” Then they’d both laugh. It was so heartwarming, and it kick-started our day on the right step. I wish all mornings would start like that! 

Okay, your turn. Even if you’re not a mom, confess away (I promise not to judge!)



  1. These are all great! I also have slept in sheets that should have probably been changed bc of baby spit up… but you know what? I just figured it would happen again and thought what was the point lol! thanks for sharing!!

  2. I love this! It feels like an invitation to dish, like at a pajama party or something 🙂 So, let’s see. (This could be a very fun link up!)

    Yesterday I heard my two kids wake up, but I chose to stay in bed for a few minutes longer. When I made my way downstairs, they were standing in the kitchen eating a bag of potato chips (which I almost never have in the house).

    Daniel Tiger is fantastic. I miss our streaming subscriptions! My 2 year old was sick last week and watched Despicable Me at least 3x/day for four days straight. (Just three more days until our internet router arrives!)

    I have encouraged my kids to color and play with markers so I can have time to color in my adult coloring book.

    I have bought them lollipops at a bakery so I could sit and enjoy a cappuccino in peace. At least once.

    We do what we gotta do, right?

  3. I am a retired Nanny but have gone back to work for the family across the street.
    3 kids under the age of 4
    Sometimes when I put them down for their nap,I will say”Whoever falls asleep dirt gets some CANDY!!!
    Shame on Me…LOL

  4. I like this idea. As far as the pee pad thing, have you thought about finding a physical therapist who specializes in womens’ issues? I had to see one for something similar and it helped tremendously. I highly recommend it!

    1. Yeah, unfortunately that’s not covered by my insurance. It’s not too bad when I’m not pregnant (thank goodness), so she mostly just remembers them from a few months ago.

      1. Aww. That’s too bad about insurance. Your little one has a good memory! Haha. Have you heard of Mutu? It’s an exercise program designed to help strengthen the pelvic floor and core muscles. You can email me about it, if you want. =)

  5. I’ve leaked breast milk all over the bed and just put a towel over it and went back to sleep lol! I have a list like you that could go on and on! Oh the joys of being a mom and the fun stories we have!

  6. This post had me cracking up. I definetly know what you mean about leaving messes way too long and doing things in weird places so you don’t wale the baby. I actually wrote a post on how to avoid waking baby not too long ago lol. These are some amazing and hectic years!! Someday we’ll look back and miss them.

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