Madilyn Rose (Seven Months)

SO much happened this month with our little girl that it’s a little hard to even wrap my mind around it all. “They grow up so fast” took on an entirely different meaning over the last few weeks; I can’t even handle how quickly Maddie wants to grow up. Slow down, little one, slow down!


Hey, Maddie-Roo!
You’re currently napping right now, and I really miss you. You’re such a happy baby almost all of the time, that I miss your smiling face when you’re not around. You’ve grown up SO much this past month, that I can’t even believe it. You first tooth popped through, you’re officially crawling everywhere (very fast), you’re pulling yourself up, and you’ve ditched the baby food and are literally devouring real table food. Seriously, I put it on the table in front of you and you shovel it in your mouth. You’re still enjoying breastfeeding, but you definitely also love real food.

With your new tooth you experimented with biting me while nursing, and that did not end well. I yelled and cried, and you were afraid to nurse for about a day. Thankfully, you haven’t bit me since, but it’s definitely on top of my mind now.

Your papa has been away from work this month, so we decided to go back to New Mexico so we could be with family to help pass the time. You also did AMAZING with our road trip—way to go, baby girl! Before we came out here you started going through some separation anxiety but so far you’re doing far better than I expected with how many people you keep seeing.

I’m a little nervous to see what next month will bring since you’re plowing through these milestones left and right.

Love you, little one!
Your Mama


Dear Miss Maddie,
I miss you.  I miss your squishy lil … everythings, and I also miss your cute lil … everythings too.  So a few weeks ago I had to go on a little trip out to a fun place called Soodoo Nana.  Well, really, it’s called Arizona, but your big sister doesn’t call it that.  Anywhoseit, I do really miss you, And I wish I could be hanging out with all my little ladies, but I had an opportunity to go to a really fun school out here, and that means that I can’t be with you for a bit. On the plus side, you and your Mama and your sister get to go to New Mexico and hang out with your whole entire family!!! 

Your Grandma and your Grandpa and your Uma and your Tata, and allllllllllllllllllllllll of your cousins were realllllllllllllllllllllllly happy to see you!  You’re really keen on impressing them all as well. So lets see, since I left you’ve started: eating (more than an awkward sad bite of jarred carrots), crawling (again, aside from that odd wiggle that got you stuck under the end table), crawling – but up stairs now (which panics your papa btw), and you’re well on the path of giving open mouth kisses.  Now I know that you’re trying to beat the records & milestones that your big sis set a few years back, but it’s okay to be a slacker.  No one will think any less of you if you act like a cute lil squishy ball of baby, forever.  F. O. R. E. V. E. R.  Just saying.

Anyways, I love you and I miss the h-e-double matchsticks outta you and only a few weeks till we’re together again.

Love you!
Your papa. 



Maddie, Maddie Roo, Rooski, Sister Maddie, Mad, Mads, Squishy, Stinky Baby!

Crawling, pulling yourself up, when we call you “Stinky Baby,” looking at people (you smile, and then get super shy and look away), breastfeeding, and you LOOOOOOVE eating real food. Love it.

Being over-tired, when your sister steals your toys, not being able to move while I change your diaper.

Officially crawling very, very fast, crawling up the little step in the living room, pulling yourself up, eating real food (you hate baby food). Oh, and you also sprouted your first tooth! It was a big month for you.

No well-baby this month, but probably close to 18 pounds? I also think/hope you grew a little taller.

Clothing Size:
Nine months for sure. I can squeeze you into a few six-month onesies, but not many of them.

You still wake up several times a night to eat. I know you don’t need to eat at this point, but crying it out with your sister in the same room just feels like that wouldn’t end well. I may cut you off soon, though, because Mama’s sleepy.

Random Tidbits:
So the day after you turned six months old, you got sick. It was pitiful and I felt so bad for you. Actually, when we were at your well-baby check you threw up in the office. Thankfully, the sickness was short-lived, and you were back to your happy self the next day. You have a tooth now, which means you want to eat all the food, all the time. You also went on a five-day road trip and were AMAZING. I’m still impressed with how well you did in the car for that long. Keep on being awesome, Maddie-roo!





  1. She is too cute! I feel like I say this a lot, but it continues to be true. It’s amazing how fast she’s growing. I absolutely love the 7-month photos you have of her. What a darling smile!!!! Clearly she loves the camera.

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