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The Man Behind The Blog

Today’s post is all about my main squeeze (well, and about me and this blog, too). My husband’s been away for the past couple months, so I sent him some questions and asked him to fill them out when he had time. Well, two months later, it landed in my inbox, so now I can share it with you!

man behind blog

Hi. How are you today?
I’m good! It’s my day off!

Please (pretty please) introduce yourself in 140 characters or less:
I’m an Air Force Captain, an Air Battle Manager, and a Papa to two beeeeeeeeeee-utiful lil ladies, and hubby to a hot, sexy, wife. You should meet her; you’d definitely be impressed. I’m also not good at counting to 140. 

What’s your favorite thing about being married to a blogger?
Free stuff! We got a mop a couple years ago, for free! Really though, I like how she can do this job no matter where we are. I feel bad that we move around all the time, but it’s nice to know that she gets her blog on regardless of if we’re in Italy, or Georgia, or New Mexico, or wherever.

The most challenging thing about being married to a blogger is…
The picture thing. Every article needs pictures and someone has to take them. At restaurants, we’re those people who don’t eat their food until we’ve taken a picture of them first. Whenever Jess needs a picture of herself I’m the lucky one who gets to take 60-70 pictures per pose. 


While I’m blogging, you’re usually…
Playing with the girls, or woodworking out in the garage. Building things is fun!

Your favorite post on Jessica Lynn Writes is probably…
That one with the five things she loves about me? I think that’s a really good one. I also like the letters we write to our girls, and the travel ones too! Her food blogs are really nice too, hmmmmmmmmmm. As are the deployment ones. Probably all of them are my favorite. 

Three words that describe you are:

  1. Papa-extraordinaire
  2. Pie-friendly
  3. Maker

Three words that best describe your lovely wife are:

  1. Cute!
  2. Fun!
  3. All-around-awesome-sauce


Who would play me in a movie/TV show?
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Selma Hayek? Someone really short… and hot. 

What’s your proudest accomplishment?
Work related, I’d say becoming a WTI. Really though, I would say starting a family with you. 

What makes you proud about your lady?
Everything? Everything. She is always happy and excited about life, and she’s also strong enough to be self-sufficient when I’m not there. She is also a spectacular mama, a great writer, she has become an amazing chef.

The average time you have to wait before eating so that she can take a photo of the food is:
20 minutes? 


Did anyone else tear up at some of those answers? No? Just me? That’s okay. I actually think this would be a fun feature to do every once in awhile, so if you have any questions that you want to know about the man behind the blog, shout them out below!




  1. So sweet! You are one lucky lady! I love the picture of your husbNd and daughter. So funny about taking the pics before you can eat .

  2. This a fabulous! Your Hubby is adorable and clearly loves you and your girls very much! I think my own hubby would agree with the picture taking ordeal. he’s learned to help me stage to get things to get things moving faster so that he can eat sooner.

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