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11 Super Awesome Gifts for a New Mom in Your Life

New moms—whether it’s their first baby or their 10th, deserve a little pampering. (And really, if it’s your 10th baby, you deserve a lot of pampering, and maybe a few nights off.) But seriously, if there’s a mom with a new baby in your life, here are a few things you could get her for the holidays that will leave her feeling more than thankful you took her new lifestyle into consideration.

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And if you are the new mom, your brain is probably fried and you have no idea what to say when someone says, “So what do you want for Christmas this year?” Luckily, now all you have to do is send them this post. BAM! Instant Christmas list this year. Who says that your baby is the only new thing you get to enjoy this year?

Hopefully this list (with 11 ideas!!) will help if you’re looking for gifts for a new mom in your life!

*This asterisk is to inform you that if you click the link and buy something from it, I’ll get a teeny tiny bit of money from it. The coffee I’ll buy from it several weeks from now thanks you.

11 Gifts for a New Mom

61-nX+U95bL._SL1000_Kindle Paperwhite

So here’s the thing: babies are up a lot in the middle of the night, which means you will be awake during the night, a lot, so you may as well make it worth your while. Sure, staring at your new bundle of joy’s little face can be delightful, but when you’re doing that at 2 am, 3 am, and 4 am, chances are sleep is going to look a whole lot better. Stay awake and read a book. The light from this is dim enough that it won’t distract your baby, but bright enough to let you read and keep you awake. Win/win. (Kindle Paperwhite; $119)


teething necklace

Teething Necklace

These. Are. Awesome. Babies love to chew and pull on everything, and since you’ll most likely be attached to your kiddo, how about giving them something beneficial to chew on that will also help you dress up a little bit. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than having your baby chew on your necklace and wonder if it’s toxic for her or if she’s going to rip it a part at any second. I like this particular necklace, because it doesn’t pull on your hair, it’s long enough for the baby to grab it without yanking your neck along with it…plus they’re cute and go with pretty much everything. (Mama & Little in Zooey, Frida, Ophelia, and Deila; $25)



Bath Bombs

On the off chance that you have some downtime at night, pass the baby off to dad and soak in the tub. You work hard, Mama, so make some time for yourself! I’m all about buying local when you can, and this company is local to me. I first tried Southern Lather Soaps‘ Bath Bomb when I saw it at our local market, and now I’m totally hooked. I came out of my bath refreshed, relaxed, ridiculously soft, and I smelled delightful—so good, in fact, that my husband kept commenting on how good I smelled. Message to ask about buying their bath bombs—it’s totally worth it!



Hulu/Netflix Subscription

So, here’s the thing. I think this is possibly only beneficial if it’s your first baby. By the time the second and third child come around, things get a little more cray-cray, and the chances of you watching something—during the day—that doesn’t have the word Disney or Nick in the title is slim to none. BUT if you’re on your first baby, binge watch as much as you can and catch up on movies and TV shows.



Nail Polish

Now that the bump is gone and you can finally see your toes again, it’s time for a celebration (or at least a new nail color)! Nail polish will come in handy since a new mom (or an old mom, for that matter) may not be able to find time to go out and get a pedicure.  (Butter by London, $15)


Hot latte coffee on green cup and plate on a wooden table with selective focus on the latte art

Caffeine (Coffee, Tea or whatever as long as there’s caffeine)

This is more of a necessity than a want, but if there’s a new mom around, chances are you can find her by the coffee maker or pouring herself a cup of tea. Gift cards to a local cafe (extra points if they have a drive-thru) or Starbucks are always accepted.



A Coffee Mug (or two or three)

Here’s a list of 11 awesome mugs, and I’m pretty sure they’re almost all mom approved. Just don’t let little baby hands near them or you may be crying over spilled coffee instead of spilled milk. Better yet, go one step further and get a travel coffee mug so she can always have warm coffee.



Birthstone Necklace

Awwwwww. As if toting around a baby isn’t enough of a reminder, every new mom needs another reminder of her precious ones. I love how dainty this necklaces is; it’s pretty, feminine, and the perfect ode to your sweet little one. (From Etsy, CVennell)



Gift Cards for Pictures

Let’s face it, those picture you take on your phone are all gems—all 3,000 of them—but what good are they sitting in the cloud? Gift cards to develop those photos are like little pieces of heaven for a mom. (Shutterfly)


Baby Carrier

Baby Carrier

I like wearing my babies, and even though I wore my first child a lot while she was a baby, I’m already wearing this second kid way more than the first. My preference when they’re little is a wrap, like the Solly Baby, because they’re super soft and you can have your infant as close as possible. As they get older I like a soft carrier. Here’s the thing. We’ve had Ergos , which I like just fine, but I wish I invested a little bit more and bought a Lillebaby, because they have more durability and are structurally more comfortable (or so I hear). So, if you’re on a budget and aren’t sure how long you’ll wear your kid, an Ergo is just fine and dandy (keep an eye out on Zulily for one; I got mine at a steal), but if you think you may wear her for a little longer, maybe invest in a Lillbaby. (pictured: Solly Baby in Natural and Grey Stripe, $65; Lillebaby Complete All Seasons in Charcoal and Berry, $140; and Ergo Original in Teal, $120)


Magazine Subscription

I got this magazine from a promotion at a maternity store, and I’m SO glad I did. I find myself reading this cover to cover. I love the stories inside, and the way it breaks advice up into different age groups. I don’t have time to read that many magazines these days, but I always find myself looking through this one when it comes in. Bonus: it’s CHEAP. This is an excellent stocking stuffer! (Parents Magazine, $5 for 24 issues)

Of course there are tons of other gifts for a new mom that you can get, but these are some things I know I’d love if they appeared under my Christmas tree! What are your favorite new-mom gifts? 

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  1. The kindle was a life saver when little man was up at night for me! I think a day at the spa is also a great gift, or tickets for a night out!

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