The Best Christmas Music That You Need in Your Life NOW!

Now that Santa’s moseyed on through the Macy’s Day Parade, it means it’s officially the holiday season! It also means I can listen to Christmas music on repeat without my husband looking at me and shaking his head with that look. He’s a holiday purist; one of those people who takes each holiday as they come. Luckily (and sadly), Thanksgiving is long gone, so now it’s time to listen to my favorite music and enjoy the season upon us.

If you don’t have the following albums and songs in your Christmas stash, then I need you to run out right now and buy them. (And by run out I really mean click the links* and instantly buy them so you can start listening ASAP).

*This asterisk is to inform you that if you click the link and buy something from it, I’ll get a teeny tiny bit of money from it. The coffee I’ll buy from it several weeks from now thanks you.

Christmas Music You Need Now

The Christmas music you need in your life (in almost no particular order):

Christmas music you need in your life

Michael Buble: Christmas and Let it Snow

Let’s be honest: Michael Buble could sing about how wonderful it is to get coal in your stocking and I would melt like a marshmallow in a hot cup of coco. His words are like butter, and listening to him sing about being home for Christmas gives me goosebumps. These albums are at the top of the list for good reason.

Christmas music you need in your life

Hanson: Snowed In

I’m channeling it back to the 90s for this album—don’t judge. Listening to it reminds me of a care-free time when my hormones were out of control and I truly believed Santa would bring Taylor to my front door…somehow. “At Christmas” is still one of my favorite song by them.

Christmas music you need in your life

Christmas with the Puppini Sisters

This funky, retro sound is a fun addition to the normal classic favorites. We have this on while we’re baking cookies, putting up decorations, or just need something with a little more pep to it. I mean, can you go wrong with a big band, lovely harmonies, and Christmas music?

Christmas music you need in your life

Sounds of the Season: The NBC Holiday Collection (2005)

I have no idea where I got this album originally—Target, I think?—but I like it. Actually, there’s one song on there that’s worth buying it for, and it’s by Jason Mraz. I love anything by him, and his song, “Winter Wonderland,” is one I literally listen to on repeat.

Christmas music you need in your life

A Very She and Him Christmas

I only have one gripe with this collection of Christmas music: the songs are too short. Before you know it, the album is over, and you’re left wishing you could listen to more holiday songs from them. Even though I’m in Georgia and we’ll probably wear tank tops on Christmas Day, I imagine snow falling all around me when I listen to them sing.

Christmas music you need in your life

Lady Antebellum: On This Winter’s Night

This is just a good, classic album to own. They don’t have any weird renditions of songs, and their country twang isn’t overpowering. It’s just good harmony, good beats, and a really great album all around.

Jars of Clay

Jars of Clay: Drummer Boy EP

Their version of the Little Drummer Boy is, hands down, one of my favorite Christmas songs ever. I remember listening to it in my disc-man (who, I’m dating myself here), on repeat, and i had to buy another CD, because I listened to that one song so much I scratched the disc. It’s wonderful.

Christmas music you need in your life

The Hotel Cafe Presents Winter Songs

Excuse me while I name drop for a minute: Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, Katy Perry, Colbie Caillat, Fiona Apple, KT Tunstall, and Brandi Carlile; you’ll find them all on this album. It’s lovely, a little bit funky, and perfect while to listen to while you’re driving around town.

Christmas music you need in your life

Elvis Presley: The Classic Christmas Album

You can’t go wrong with “the King,” right? (Well, the other king). Elvis knocks it out of the park with this compilation. You can’t go wrong if you add this to your collection.

Christmas music you need in your life

Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas

I feel like everybody already owns this album, and if they don’t, then I’m not sure they truly love Christmas music. “All I Want for Christmas,” puts me into the Christmas spirit in a jiffy. (But that could just be because I picture “Love, Actually” any time I hear it!

Bonus Christmas song that you NEED in your life. Trust me.

Christmas music you need in your life

Barbra Streisand: Jingle Bells?

Okay, this is technically a link to the album, but you only need to buy the song. This Jingle Bells is off the hook and is my favorite Christmas song to jam out to during the holidays. We jokingly call it “Jingle Bells on crack,” but I think there may actually be some truth behind it. Barbra, thanks for making this song—it always brings me joy when I hear it! (Also, that’s not a typo with the question mark. True story.)

Whew! Okay, that’s my list from me to you. Did I hit the nail on the head for some of these?
Are there some albums you’ve never heard of that you must have now? Am I forgetting anything that I need to add to my stash?



  1. Yes. Yes. YES. One of the Hanson songs came on tonight at Walmart so I dug through the place looking for the Snowed In cd since I’ve lost mine sometime in the last 15ish years. They didn’t have it 🙁 They had Mariah though!

  2. Excellent list filled with my favorites and new albums to try. Did you ever listen to 98 degrees or N’Sync’s Christmas CD’s? They’re awesome!

    1. lol, so I totally missed the 98 degrees, N’Sync, and Backstreet Boys excitement. I was alllllll about Hanson during that time, so the other boy bands were lost. I may need to check those albums out though, since everyone always talks about how great they are.

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